Facebook introduces “Hello” dialer app for Android



Facebook Hello Android dialerFacebook has just introduced “Hello” mobile app for Android devices. It is basically a dialer app developed by messenger team. It aims to show you who is calling by matching number to Facebook profiles. We¬†reported about the leaked dialer app from Facebook last month. App URL on Play Store suggests that the name was initially “Phone” and later it was changed to “Hello.”

When you will get the call from an unknown number, Hello will show you who is calling by matching the number from Facebook profiles. You will see name and profile picture. You will only see information what that person already shared with you. Information will only be visible if user has not disabled the profile search by number. You can also search for people and businesses on Facebook and call them with one tap without leaving the app.

Hello also lets you block any caller. It also lets you block most commonly blocked numbers. If you enable this, it will automatically block most of the spam callers. Blocked calls will go to voice mails. You can see all blocked calls and review. In case you want to unblock, you can do it easily from settings.

This app also promotes free calling over Wi-Fi via VoIP. If you missed a call, it also gives an option to reply via messenger.


Facebook has no plans to earn money from this app. But the app claims to offer good features. I recommend you to try it once. If you use Truecaller, you can prefer this app for few days and see if it works better or not.

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Download: Hello

Source: Facebook Newsroom