Facebook officially unveils Messenger as a platform

Messenger platform

Messenger platform

Today at F8 Developer Conference, Facebook announced its Messenger as platform. It has also made Messenger’s API available to third party developers. This platform lets users create and share content via third party tools. Company also worked with initial content tool partners including ESPN, JibJab, Legend, Ultratest, Ditty, Giphy, FlipLip, Kanvas, ClipDis and more. Initial content partners are focused on content creation, GIFs and emoji.

Now messenger is a platform and developers can start building apps for this. Users can install apps from Messenger App store. Content via an app can only be shared once the app is properly installed. If a friend share content with you from an app, it will also show you the link to install that app within Messenger.

Messenger platform

By opening its API, Facebook has joined Asian chat apps Line and WeChat which use its platform for e-commerce, gaming and more. I hope it will be interesting.

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Messenger Platform

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