Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Taboola are paying Adblock Plus huge fees to get their ads unblocked



Adblock Plus ads

Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Taboola are paying around 30% of additional ad revenues to Adblock Plus owner to get their ads unblocked.

Adblock Plus is the popular browser extension with around 50 million active users. This extension blocks annoying banner ads, pop-up and video ads. Internet users who do not want to see any kind of ads on the website while browsing websites use this browser extension. But this affects the earning of websites which is dependent on ads revenue.

This extension is owned by German company Eyeo. Business model of the company is dependent on the “Whitelist” service. Advertisers added in this list will never be blocked by adblock plus. But users can decide whether to support a website by allowing ads or not.

For small publishers, whitelist service is free. But Eyeo asks a big payment from big publishers. As per the reports, publishers are being demaned to pay around 30% of the additional revenues it will make from the unblocked ads. Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Taboola are few publishers who are paying to get their ads unblocked.

So users who thinks that Adblock Plus will unblock all ads by default are under wrong thinking. They can still see ads on some websites. But they have an option to remove ads by unchecking an “Allow non-intrusive advertising” option on adblock plus browser extension.

The Acceptable Ads initiative is not new. Company is taking acceptable ads since 2011. But this is the first time we came to know how big amount publishers are paying.

Source: Business Insider

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