Bing Search Brings Best-Sellers Carousel For Books

Best sellers book carousel
Best sellers book carousel


Recently founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg invited everyone to read books with him as a New Year resolution. A page has also been created for this. So, if you are a book readings lover, then you can also join this. But, how do you get to know the best-selling books? If you have this question, then do not worry. Bing brings you the features of listing out the best selling books known as Best-Sellers Carousel.

Bing Book slider


As said by Patricia A Mckillip “The odd thing about people who had many books was how they always wanted more.” Books reading lovers have more and more books and they want more books. For them, you can use Best-Sellers Carousel to find best-selling books as listed by The New York Times.

Best-Sellers Carousel

This list was based on the best-selling books on monthly and weekly basis of The New York Times. This list gets refreshed when the list changes on The New York Times. So, you will be shown a new list when you search every week. Bing supports best selling fictions books, kids books, non-fiction books and more.

As suggested by Bing, you can use these sample searches,

  • best-selling fiction
  • nonfiction best-sellers
  • best-selling kids’ books
  • current times best business books

These sample searches will give you the list of best-selling books. Click on the individual title of the book, to know more details about that particular book. This has been not rolled out to everyone and it is on it’s way for others.

Source: Bing Blog