Facebook Pages get video section to take on YouTube

Facebook pages vidos

After YouTube, Facebook is now another place where people use to share videos. But the interface of it does not allow users to search a specific kind of video. If you want to search video posted by a person of page, you will have to go down in the time line.

Facebook pages vidos

But Facebook is all set to change this. As Techcrunch spotted, Facebook is testing a new Video section in page to allow them highlighting specific video. Users will also be able to comment there to start conversation and ask questions. It will also have playlists and videos with likes and view counts clearly visible.

With this new section, brands can also upload videos on Facebook and users can easily find those videos by visiting the video section of the pages. Although, it is still far behind from YouTube, but few users will certainly try this one too.

The big difference is the monetization. YouTube has a revenue share program with partners. This is the big reason most of the people go there and upload videos. But on Facebook, they can easily get good reach.

It will be interesting to see how people react when this feature will be available to all users.

Source: Techcrunch

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