7 Smartphone Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now



Tips for Saving Your iPhone BatteryMost of the people take care of their new smartphone like a newly born baby. They try to keep it clean and they try their best to make it scratch free. They also keep is away from the children to avoid any risk. Even they do not use it outside to avoid any risk. But in all these things, most of them become over protective and they create their own theories or follow few myths. We have seen people having those myths which does not have anything to do with reality. Here are some most common myths about smartphone which you should stop believing right now. I will try to give proper explanation for given common myths.

7 Smartphone Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now

Myth 1: Use only official charger which comes with your smartphone

Truth: Original charger is best, but you can also use other compatible chargers. Use of off-brand chargers are also fine. But you should avoid very cheap knock-off chargers.

Most of the modern smartphones and tablets are shipped with micro-USB connectors and chargers which is supposed to be standardized. So, you can use chargers of other devices to charge your smartphone without any problem. But cheap off-brand chargers may create problem because these may be faulty. But you can charge your Nokia smartphone with Samsung (or any other well known brand) charger without worrying.

Myth 2: Charging your smartphone overnight kills the battery

Truth: If you call it smartphone, you should not have doubt on its smartness. It automatically stops charging when it is fully charged.

But it does not mean that you keep your phone on charging whole day and night.

Myth 3: You should not use your smartphone while charging

Truth: It is fine to use your smartphone while charging. You can make calls and use it for gaming. But do this only if you are not using knockoff chargers which have been known to injure users. knockoff chargers may lead the over heating problem while charging. So, avoid the use of the smartphone if you are using knockoff chargers. But with official or good chargers, you can use your smartphone while it is plugged in for charging.

There are cases when charger blasted because of use while charging. In these cases, there might be some problem with socket’s power supply or it might have some problem in battery.

Myth 4: Do not charge your phone unless it is almost dead

Truth: It is not harmful to plug-in your charger before the battery is completely drained. But it can harm if you let battery die to 0% before plugging the charger .Li-ion batteries last longest when you keep them between 40% and 80% charged. Batteries have limited number of battery charge cycles. If you make it completely discharged, a new cycle will start.

This was too a very common myth but people have started becoming aware.

Myth 5: Use of automatic brightness saves ton of battery life

Truth: Use of automatic brightness is good and will certainly save battery life but not much. It is better to set the brightness level to minimum comfortable level.

But there is one condition when use of automatic brightness can help you much. If you spend lot of time in outdoors where you can not see the screen in low brightness, you should use automatic brightness. In that case, it will keep brightness as minimum as possible for the light condition around you.. So, setting it to automatic is better option.

Myth 6: More megapixels always means a better camera

Truth: It is not. Megapixels matters a lot but quality of photo depends on how much light the sensor is able to take in.  Size of megapixels matter more than the number of megapixels. So, sometimes a 8 megapixel camera gives better photos than a 13 megapixel camera due to its sensor size.

Myth 7: Using task managers and killers boosts battery life

Truth: Android, iOS, Windows Phone and other mobile OS are smart enough and have their own task managers. So, use of third party task manager does not make sense. Yes, you can install one to impress someone. But it has nothing to do with the battery life.