Flipkart Big Billion Day Brings More than Rs. 600 Crores in 10 Hours

big billion day
big billion day


Today, Flipkart held Big Billion Day sale where it offered various big discount of many items. After the sale is over, company announced that it was a big success for the company. Flipkart saw huge traffic and saw server problems many times during the sales. On this Big Billion Day sales, Flipkart got around billion hits on Monday and company achieved $100 million (around 600 crores) in sales (GMV).  GMV is the indicator of total sales value of goods sold through a marketplace in a specific period of time.

Big Billion day

“The Big Billion Day is an unprecedented day for us as this is the biggest sale ever in India,” Flipkart co-founders Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal said in a joint statement. “We are delighted by the overwhelming response from our customers since 8 am today. With a range of exciting offers on quality products at disruptive prices available throughout the sale period, we have created history in Indian e-commerce.”

But users faced various problem during the day and criticized Flipkart for this sale. Users complaint that items goes out of stock if try to buy, users were facing problems in adding items in cart and some users were not able to pay for the items added in cart. Flipkart co-founder also mentioned these things in their statement and said that their team is working hard to address problems faced by their customers.

“Our technology team has been dedicated towards addressing errors and providing constant support to accommodate the largest scale of traffic and customer visits e-commerce has witnessed across the country,” the statement added.”

October 6 or 6/10 coincide with the number 610. This is the flat number where Flipkart was founded back in 2007. This is why they scheduled this big sale on this day.

Achieving $100 million in GMV within just 10 hours will surely give Flipkart a reason for smile. Happy customers who got deal are thanking Flipkart while customers who missed the deal are cursing the Flipkart.

Although Flipkart announced it as success, but Flipkart also faced criticism. Users who were not able to grab the deal due to technical problem were not happy. Many users were also trolling the Flipkart as Fakecart because of over priced items. We also saw that few items were available on lesser price on other retailers. Price of various items was hiked to 4-5 times and then Flipkart was offering 40-60% discount.

Another bad thing happened for affiliates who were not able to login in their affiliate account. But they could add affiliate tracking in URL manually. So, there was no point of cursing for this. But this is true that affiliate system of Flipkart is suspicious and we also faced problems many times.

Even if there were lots of criticism around, we cannot deny that there was few good deals and very few items were on the sale. This is why items went out of stock in just few minutes. We have seen many people who bought Pen drives in Rs. 1 and Nokia XL for just Rs. 800. But these users were very less.

If we talk about the controversies and users’ response throughout the day, we can say that the sale was not good for the company. They lost the trust of various users in this sale. Many users posted pics comparing sales price of Flipkart with the normal price on other websites where items were priced less. These kind of posts also affect other users who see how Flipkart is manipulating prices in wrong manner just to show they are offering something.

It is worth to mention a funny thing happened today. Someone bought domain bigbillionday.com which was redirecting users to Amazon India. 😛

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