Xolo Unveils Hive, UI Platform based on Android



Today at a press event in Delhi, Xolo unveils its new user interface based on Android. It will be available with its new octa-core smartphone Xolo 8x-1000 launched today. Built on Android, Xolo Hive offers many new features and enhancement to change the way users interact with their smartphone.

Xolo Hive UI

Vishal Sehgal, Co-founder & Director, LAVA International, said “We are excited to announce HIVE to our XOLO customers. Built on an Android core, HIVE is a “Made in India, Made for India” platform designed by our Software Design Centre at Bangalore. With user empowerment at its core, HIVE enables users to contribute creatively to the platform, taking smartphone personalization to The Next Level”

Let’s have a quick walk through of all the features available in Xolo’s new UI called Hive.

Key Features of Xolo Hive UI


Xolo Hive lets users connect with Hive team to bring their ideas to life. For this, it brings CONNECT, a collaborative platform This is a platform where users can connect with Xolo team to make HIVE better by sharing new ideas. Best idea, voted up by other community members, will be available in the next HIVE update.

Connect Hive


Another Hive community is called EDGE. This platform is for artists, musicians and photographers to collaborate with Xolo team to bring exclusive content including themes, ringtones and wallpapers for Hive users.

Hive Edge

Designer Themes

Hive has a range of designer themes. So, you can give your a look what you want. Various cool themes are already available.

Hive Themes

Fusion X.

Hive comes with Fusion X, media player on the device. It is music player, video player and radio player. It comes integrated with last.fm to provide recommendations based on what you were listening to. It is also integrated with YouTube, so you can access your favorite playlists. Company has also partnered with dolby to provide enhanced audio experience on the device.

Xolo Fusion X

Hive Launcher

Hive launcher is pretty cool where apps can be sorted in various manners including last used, name and categories. User experience is really awesome on Xolo 8X-1000. Launcher also comes with RAM cleaner to clean background running apps for uninterrupted experience.

HIve launcher

Better Control

Hive aims to give better and interactive control to users. Icons are cool and looks impressive. Quick settings include a toggle for quickly selecting default sim for your calls and messages.

Hive controls


Contacts are designed to give you quick access to all your contacts. It is smarter and you can sync your Gmail, Facebook and LinkedIn contacts to have all contacts at same place.

Hive Contact


Camera app of the Hive is also nice. It provides wide range of configurable controls like white balance and ISO exposure. It also comes with Instagram like filters to give your photo a nice effect. You also have various enhancement to mode to quick fix various things in the photos taken by the camera.

Hive Camera


Gallery of the Hive is designed in the way to lets you manage all your photos in better way. You can also sync your online photos albums from various sources to one place. And all photos can be accessed by folders created by the gallery.

Hive Gallery