Buy American Swan’s Product and Pay With Tweets


An Indian Fashion and Lifestyle brand, American Swan announced a new kind of social media marketing. It has launched a new shopping microsite for Indian users. This new website lets users buy items by using Tweets as currency. Daily they will offer range of products which Twitter users can buy in exchange of specific number of Tweets.

Buy American Swan's Product and Pay With Tweets

For this, company has created a hashtag called #tweet4fashion. Users will have to use this hastag in tweet for x number of times. When you have tweeted enough number of tweets, you can buy a product online by paying with your Tweets.

Today, they listed products range from about 40 Tweets to 10 Tweets. But Inventory of products is limited. At the time of writing the post, item were sold out. So, you will have to wait for next 15 hours. Items will be back in stock at 12 AM in morning tomorrow.

This is really different kind of social media promotional offer. Company is trying to increase social buzz around the users. In India, users are always in search for coupons to reduce their bill amount. And they will surely tweet if they are getting products for free.