Skype For Launched WorldWide with HD Video Calling


Today, Microsoft launched Skype for worldwide. Previously, it was only available in few selected countries. Company has also added few new features and fixed older bugs.

This Skype integration was first rolled out in UK back in April. In AUgust, it was launched for US, UK, Germany, France, Canada and Brazil. Now, it is available for all countries where is available.

Skype For

Skype for lets users call friends direct from inbox. For this integration, users need to download and install Skype plugin for Skype for Outlook suports all browsers includin Safaru for Mac, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. It also supports HD video calling if your system has HD display and HD compatible Webcam.

Microsoft has also fixed the previously known bug in which Skype for Desktop continuing to ring even after picking up call from Skype for Outlook.