Facebook to Introduce ‘Sympathise’ Button for Sad Updates

Facebook to Introduce 'Sympathise' Button

Facebook is planning to introduce a new ‘sympathise’ button as an alternative to like button for sad status updates. If a user has updated some negative emotions in status update, like button will change to ‘Sympathise.

In this kind of negative posts, hitting like button can create awkward situations. For example: if a user updates status saying, “Met an accident” and his friend clicked on Like button. Does that friend like that he met an accident. No, but that was the only way he can express that he cares. Most of the people wisely comment in posts to show their sympathy. So, this alternate solution will surely help users to express their sympathy in this kind of posts.

This will work when a user will update negative expressive status update with taged with Facebook’s list of feelings. This kind of posts will have Sympathise button in place of Like button.

Facebook to Introduce 'Sympathise' Button

A Facebook engineer has come up with this solution in “compassion research day” where members of the public and researchers are invited along with their suggestions to improve Facebook. ‘Sympathise’ button was also designed during a recent hackathon.

This is just a suggested feature. Facebook spokesperson also confirmed that “The ‘sympathise’ feature is not making its way to the site “yet.”

Facebook users also want to see dislike button on Facebook. But it seems Facebook has no plans to introduce a way to dislike posts.

What do you think about this new button? Share your views about this with us via comments.

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