Digg Reader Now Available on Digg’s iOS App

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Digg is now rolling out its Digg Reader bundled with iOS app. Digg Reader was announced after Google announced to shut down Google Reader. Digg Reader for Android is also expected to debut in 2-3 weeks.

Digg Reader

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We were expecting a standalone Digg Reader app but company launched it with Digg.com. In Digg Reader, users can Digg the feed they are reading. It will help sites to track trending content and sort content based on popularity.

Digg tried to design Digg Reader in the way to offer same speed and reliability that users expected from Google Reader. This is the only way it can be the better replacement of Google Reader. But being a part of Digg, Digg Reader is more than a reader app. Digg is growing fast in US and it has grown to 93% over past 12 month.

Digg is not alone. AOL also launched AOL Reader few days back as an alternate to Google Reader. We may see few more RSS news aggregate apps in neat future. Everyone is trying to get Google Readers. It will be interesting to see who will get most.

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