Facebook Is Testing Reply Comments and Sound on Notification

Facebook always tries to add something interesting to keep users interest on the website. This makes its 1 billion user to be engaged on the website with new features  Now it is testing a new feature that is reply button in the comments. Now you can directly reply to an individual comment as you may see in forums and blogs. Facebook is also testing sound notification. In this, it will play sound each time a user will get notification.

This feature will enable users to reply to a specific comment by using reply link below a comment. Currently users use @reply to reply to a specific user. But the newer way is easier to follow a conversation and remove ambiguity which occurs when a person replies to a comment without using @reply.

You can see the snap above which was posted by a user on Twitter.

Along with this feature, Facebook is also testing another feature which will help users to keep up to date with all notification. Suppose you are working on another tab with Facebook opened in an inactive tab and you get notification. After an hour you return back to Facebook tab and see those notifications and think that you are late in getting this. For this kind of problems, Facebook has solution. Now it will pay sound each time you get notification while you are working on another tab.

These are only experimental features and very few users will see these features. If you are lucky enough, you will see either both or any of these features.

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