Google Drive Coming Next Weak with 5 GB Free Space

Google Drive App Gets Spreadsheet Edit Support

Google’s Dropbox competitor Google Drive is about to launch and is expected to arrive next weak. According to some sources, Google Drive service and app will come next week and likely on Tuesday. It will come for 5 GB free Storage.

When the Desktop app screenshot was leaked, it was confirmed that the service will come with 5 GB free storage.

Techcrunch also confirmed the same when it got a hold of the Mac OS X desktop app, via a public link on Google’s servers which was later removed. So it is confirmed that users will enjoy 5 GB for free. And those who want more space can buy more.

It is expected that Google will launch this service with the Android and iOS app so that users can enjoy this service on the smartphones too.

This is not enough as we can expect and guess as much we can. But we have to wait for the official launch of the service to know more what it is going to serve us.

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