quick search movies using Google on your Android or iOS device

Google has improved its mobile search function. Now it allows users to quickly search movies, theaters, start times and more. This new search feature is only available for Android and iOS devices.

Google announced in a post,” we’ve just made it even faster and easier to discover movies, showtimes and theaters, all from your smartphone. Now when you search for [movies] or your favorite theater like [century san francisco] on Google.com from your phone, you’ll see interactive results for movies in a new swipeable ribbon, with the most relevant information displayed at the top of the page.”

When you swipe on the movie posters at the top of the screen on your iOS or Android mobile browser, the information underneath changes to reveal pertinent information for the movie whose poster is at the far left of the screen. Click on the poster to see a trailer of the film, read viewer reviews of the movie, and get start times for the movie at theaters nearby your current location.

Search the movie you want to see and then see the time of the movie show. If you find this underline, then you are even more lucky and can book the ticket online.

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