Amazon Launches Silk Web Browser for Tablets

Amazon launches a new web browser Silk that lives both on the tablet and in the cloud. This browser will be available on Amazon fire tablet. 
This web browser cuts down on load times and request times by splitting the workload between the tablet and Amazon’s EC2. So the page loads quickly on the web browser. This browser uses machine learning to predict the user’s next request. In the demo, in New York,  Amazon loaded 53 static file images, 39 dynamic files, 30 Javascript files and three Flash files within seconds.

The name is silk because “a thread of silk is an invisible yet incredibly strong connection between two different things,” which describes the relationship between Amazon’s browser and the cloud.

Amazon Silk browser comes with a revolutionary technology. While using low connection, data consumption is the main issue. This browser will save data and boost web browsing speed. Thus, overall web browsing experience will be better.
It will be interesting to see how this browser will help Amazon to boost its kidle fire sale.
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