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5 Best Ring Lights For Video Creators

LED Ring light
LED Ring light

Ring lights have now become really popular among video creators. The reason is affordability and ease of use. The ring light is primarily used by video creators, make-up artists, photographers, and videographers. It provides uniform lighting, so you get better shots or videos in low light or indoors. Most of the influencers who make videos for TikTok, Instagram, or other video-sharing apps also use ring lights for better videos.

Ring lights were originally developed for medical and dental purposes. Due to its potential, it was adapted for various commercial usages including Macro and video production. Camera companies also released ring flashes for photographers. Now companies are also launching ring lights for video creators that include smartphone Mount. So, you can use the right light and record videos from the phone.

Use of LED Ring Light

A ring light not only provides perfect lighting for photos or videos, It also comes with adjustable brightness and multiple lighting modes. So, you can change color temperate, and brightness. Most of the ring lights offer 3 light modes – natural, warm, and cold. You get a color temperature of 3000K to 6000K. Color temperature and adjustable brightness can improve the skin tone in photos and videos. Here’s an example of how color temperature affects skin tone in photos and videos.

LED Ring Light

Now when people mostly make videos using smartphones, most LED ring light makers bundle the ring light with a smartphone holder or smartphone mount. So, you can quickly mount your phone for the video recording. You can also use a camera with a ring light in place of the phone.

Before buying a ring light, you should first understand your needs. Ring lights come in different sizes including 10-inch, 12-inch, 18-inch, 24-inch, or larger. So, you need to first understand what size is suitable for you. In this article, I am only adding 18-inch and 10-inch ring lights. It is because these two sizes are good enough for most people. If you will soot in a room, these are enough to give you proper light.

If you have decided to buy a ring light but are not sure which one to choose, this article will help you. In this article, we are listing the best LED ring lights for video creators. We will also list details and the right light price. So, you can quickly decide what ring light you should buy.

Best Ring Lights for creators

LED Ring LightSizePriceBuy Here
DIGITEK Professional Ring Light19-inchRs. 4399Buy Here
Simpex Ring LED18-inchRs. 4189Buy Here
Osaka LED Ring Light10-inchRs. 1499Buy Here
DIGITEK LED Ring Light10-inchRs. 1469Buy Here
Amazon Basics RGB LED Ring Light10-inchRs. 1399Buy Here

It is worth noting that most of the ring lights do not come with a tripod stand. So, you need to buy the stand for the light separately. Here are the two recommended stands for your ring light.

1. DIGITEK Professional Ring Light

DIGITEK Professional Ring Light

This is the costliest ring light in this list of best right lights for video creators. This can be used for YouTube videos, live streaming, photo shoots, Vlogging, and makeup. This light also features a multi-angle 360-degree smartphone holder. So, you can add your phone to the ring light for videos. You adjust the light to a different angle as per your need. It has a locking knob and tilt knob for the adjustable position. You can adjust the intensity of the light, select from a range of color temperatures, and use one of the two color modes. It is compatible with both smartphones and cameras.

It runs on 2 optional Sony lithium-ion batteries. It makes it suitable for the time when there is no power supply. The ring light also works fine with both AC & DC power.

DIGITEK offers 6 month carry-in limited Warranty.

Price: 4399

Buy Here: Amazon

If you do not want to buy the light stand separately, here’s the same ring light with the Digitek 6 ft light stand.

DIGITEK 19″ Professional big LED Ring Light with 6 ft Light Stand: Buy Here

2. Simpex Ring LED

Simpex Ring LED light

Simpex is another notable camera accessory brand. It also offers a good LED ring light. Simpex Ring light comes in different sizes. I am including two of those on this list. This one is the 18-inch ring light. The color temperature varies from 3200K to 5500. It also comes with a phone holder but you can also mount a camera if you want. The phone holder can be rotated 360 degrees. The right light also lets you control the light intensity and color temperature as per your needs. The light is adjustable and you can tilt it as per your photography or videography need.

Like the Digitek ring light, it can also run on Sony NPF 550/770/970 or AC/DC power. So, use it as per your need. It also doesn’t heat even after long usage. If you are looking for a ring light and this size suits your needs, you can consider the Simpex Ring LED light.

Simpex also offers a 1-month warranty on the product.

Price: Rs. 4189

Buy Here: Amazon

If you think 18-inch is too big for your need, Simpex also offers the same ring light in 12-inch and 10-inch sizes.

  • Simpex Ring LED 12-inch: Buy Here (Rs. 699)
  • Simpex Ring LED 10-inch: Buy Here (Rs. 1199)

3. Osaka LED Ring Light

Osaka LED Ring Light

Osaka LED right light comes with 10-inch ring light that includes 220pcs LEDs. The ring light has an adjustable temperature range from 3400K to 5600K. You can achieve cold white light or warm light to hide blemishes easily. You can also use 3 different lighting modes. Each mode has 9 adjustable brightness levels. The light quality and build quality both impresses. It also comes with a smartphone stand, so you can quickly put your phone and shoot videos.

It is compatible with smartphone and camera both. So, it is useful for people who make videos for social media, live stream videos, or make YouTube videos. Photographers and video gravers can also use it.

It comes with a USB cable that can be plugged into a power bank, USB adapter, or laptop to give the ring light power it needs.

Price: Rs. 975

Buy Here: Amazon

The company offers the same LED ring light with a 9 ft stand.

Osaka 10″ LED Ring Light for Photo and Video with 9 Feet Stand: (Rs. 1649)

4. DIGITEK LED Ring Light


This one is slightly different from the Digitek Ring light I added at the top of this list. This one is 10-inch in size and also lacks some features. But it is cheaper and for those who do not want to invest much. This LED ring light also offers dual color temperature from 3200 to 5600k. It has triple color temperature modes including Yellow, Warm Yellow, and White. You get multiple brightness adjustment levels. So, you can adjust the lighting in multiple ways to get the destined one. The right light can be tilted at different angles to get the desired position.

The right let comes with a smartphone mount & hot-shoe adapter. It has an inline remote offering Intensity control, Color temperature control & a power button.

It lacks a battery and should be plugged in each time you want to use it. Just plug the USB cable into a power bank, USB adapter or laptop. It can be used with a light stand or with a tripod as per your choice. The ring light is also compatible with smartphone and camera both.

Price: Rs. 1469

Buy Here: Amazon

5. Amazon Basics RGB Dual Temperature LED Ring Light

Amazon Basic RGB LED Ring Light is the last one in this list of best LED ring lights. It is also the only one that comes with a stand. The company offers a 7-foot foldable and lightweight tripod stand with an RGB LED ring light. It is also a good ring light with adjustable color temperature, multiple brightness levels, and RGB Color light. The ring light can be used at different angles as per the need. You can also adjust the height of the tripod. This ring light also comes with a 360-degree rotated smartphone holder.

This LED ring light comes with a USB cable that you need to plug into a power bank, laptop, or wall adapter to give the light power it needs.

Price: Rs. 1399

Buy Here: Amazon

I didn’t make a long list because most of the cheap ring lights available on Amazon or in other e-commerce store doesn’t come with a warranty. That’s the reason, I only recommend Digitek or Simpex. Osaka and Amazon Basic are also promising a 1-month warranty, hence they made it to this list. DIGITEK is a reputed brand selling a range of camera accessories. So, this one is the most recommended. You know how and where to get customer support.

All the ring lights added to this list come with a good-quality build, are easy to use, and perform well. Before buying an LED Ring Light, you should first understand your purpose. There could be several purposes including Professional Photography, Selfies, videos for YouTube, videos for Instagram, or normal vlogs. If you are looking for Professional Photography, go with the 18-inch or larger. In such cases, prefer one that also runs on battery power. For social media videos and selfies, you can go with a 10-inch ring light.

As I said, you need to get the light stand or tripod to put the LED ring light. I also included links to a good Light stand in this article. Get one as per your need and budget.

Frequently asked questions about ring lights

Q. What is the cheapest ring light?

A. There are some ring lights that cost less than Rs. 300, but those won’t last long. You should also look for quality. DIGITEK’s 10-inch LED Ring Light is the cheapest on this list and is also recommended.

Q. Is a ring light worth it?

A. Yes. ring lights are great for photos and videos. If you are a YouTuber or influencer who is into videos, you must get a ring light for good lighting.

Q. What kind of ring light do YouTubers use?

A. YouTubers generally use 18 to 24-inch ring lights. Size depends on the room size.

Q. What’s the best ring light to buy?

A. DIGITEK Professional Ring Light is the best ring light I recommend to influencers and YouTubers.

Q. Are ring lights bad for your eyes?

A. If you are buying a cheap Chinese ring light, it can affect your eyes. So, always get a ring light from a notable brand.

Q. What ring light do Tiktokers use?

A. Most Tiktokers use one of the ring lights I added to this list.

Q. Does a ring light make a difference?

A. Yes, they do. Ring lights offer proper lighting for photography and video graphs. You can control color temperature, so you can adjust the light in a way to makes skin tone look good.

Q. What’s better Softbox or ring light?

A. Softbox spreads the light throughout the space while ring light provides the direct light. Softbox light is more versatile and is preferred in a cinematic setting.

Q. Does ring light size matter?

A. Yes. This is because larger ring lights produce a softer light and are better for video production.

Q. Should I use a ring light for Zoom calls?

A. If you want to look good in your Zoom calls, you can use a ring light.

Q. Do I need a ring light for streaming?

A. I recommend a ring light as a must-have for live streamers.

Q. Why are ring lights so popular?

A. Ring lights are popular because they are cheap and provide good lights for selfies, photos, and videos. Now when most people want to post good photos and videos, they invest in a good ring light.

Q. What size ring light is best for TikTok?

A. An 18-inch ring light is the best one for TikTok and Instagram videos.