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5 Best Tripods Under Rs. 1000

Best Tripods Under Rs. 1000
Best Tripods Under Rs. 1000


If you are thinking to start a career in photography or starting a YouTube channel, you should have a tripod. Tripod is the camera stand where you can put the camera and then capture photos or videos. Tripod ensures that you don’t end up capturing a blurry photo or shaky video from a shaky hand. If you are a beginner and do not want to spend much, here is the list of best entry-level tripods. I also started with an entry-level torpid and later upgraded with a better one. In this article, I am listing the best tripods under Rs. 1000.

Rs. 1000 budget is not enough to have a good tripod, but you can start with a basic tripod until you start making money from your photos on the YouTube channel.

Note: I use Benro T-800EX Tripod and it is working well for over a year. It has a smooth head, strong build quality, and good height. It costs Rs. 3000. If you can increase the budget, I recommend this one.

Mobile tripod holders:

If you want to use a mobile phone with a tripod, you should also buy a good tripod mobile holder to use your phone with a tripod.

Mobile Tripod HoldersHere is the list of good mobile tripod holders.

Mobile Holders:

If you are using a smartphone for making videos, then you can also buy a mobile holder that you can easily put on a table or anywhere and make beautiful videos.

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Best Tripods Under Rs. 1000

Here is the list of best tripods under Rs. 1000. You can go with any of these tripods.

1. AmazonBasics 50-Inch Tripod

AmazonBasics Tripod

This one from AmazonBasics is made of lightweight aluminum and comes with adjustable height. It weighs 540 grams, so easy to carry. It has 3 sections and level locks for legs to adjust heights. In minimal condition, it measures 16.5-inch but this is extendable up to 50 inches. The three-way head allows versatility and you can change the camera orientation. It allows full panoramic possibilities as well.

It is an entry-level tripod and weighs less, so not suitable for heavy DSLRs and their heavy lenses. It is easy to carry but not ideal for capturing photos or videos in rugged conditions. It is good for indoor usages and for YouTube video recording.

Price: Rs. 799

Buy Here: Amazon

2. Photron Tripod

Photron Tripod

The Photron Tripod is also a similar tripod with the same kind of features. It weighs around 1 KG and easy to carry. The build quality is fine but not good enough to use outdoors. It can take a load of up to 2.75 KG and the maximum height is 4.5 feet.

The Head is not very smooth, so you will end up shooing jerky video shots. The 3 Way pan Head lets you adjust the camera in different ways. It has non-slip foam for a firm grip. Suitable for video shooting indoor. If you are a YouTuber or beginner photographer, you can go with this.

Price: Rs. 799

Buy Here: Amazon Flipkart

You can also invest money on Photron STEDY 350 Tripod as it is also a good tripod and cheaper than above. Buy Now

3. Simpex 333 Tripod

Simpex 333 Tripod

Simpex 333 Tripod is also a similar kind of tripod made of aluminum. It has a Folded length of 20.5-inch that can be expanded up to 58.5-inch. The load capacity of this tripod is 3 KG. Unlike other tripods on this list, this one comes with a 2-pin platform and one bubble level.

Overall, this product is good and can be used with entry-level DSLR, smartphones, or point to shoot cameras. Its build quality is fine and can be used to shoot videos and photography.

Price: Rs. 849

Buy Here: Amazon Flipkart

4. Tygot 3366 Tripod

Tygot 3366 Tripod

Tygot 3366 tripod is made of lightweight aluminum alloy material with a portable handheld handle, and easy to carry. It has a maximum usage height is up to 135cm when the middle axis is fully extended and 52cm folded height. The tripod has rubber feet that make the tripod more stable. It also has a gravity hook to increase tripod stability by adding extra weight. The bubble level in the tripod is there to help you find the balance accurately and quickly.

Well, all tripods have three-dimensional platforms that allow you to adjust the shooting angles easily. This tripod also has 3 adjustable legs. The quick-release plate with 1/4 inch screw in this tripod lets you fast loading and unloading the camera. It makes it very flexible to use.

The Tygot 3366 tripod has 5kg max. load capacity. It works well with most DSLR cameras, digital cameras, DV, mini camcorders. The tripods come with a phone holder so that you can also use your smartphone with this tripod to take photos or record videos.

Price: Rs. 899

Buy Now: Amazon

5. SONIA Osaka OS 550 Tripod

SONIA Osaka OS 550 Tripod

The tripod is made of high-quality aluminum, that has a maximum load capacity of 2.5 KG. The tripod weighs only 600g and has 16 inches in height after folding that makes it lightweight and compact. The non-skid rubber feet of the tripod makes it good for uneven ground. This tripod has 3 adjustable quick-turn leg locks, 4-stage upright legs with quick-release lever locks that allow you to adjust the working height from 16 “to 55” in seconds.

It has 360° pan-tilt head that can be rotated to any angle and firmly locked. This allows you to take perfect pictures and videos from various angles.

Price: Rs. 1,049

Buy Now: Amazon

I didn’t make this list long as there were not many good tripods to list. These three are good enough to try. If you are starting a YouTube channel, you can buy any of these.