5 Best Microphones for YouTube videos | 2018

Best Microphone for YouTube videos
Best Microphone for YouTube videos

When it comes to making good YouTube videos, there should be good quality video and, professional recording and good quality audio. If you buy a good camera, you can record quality videos but what about the sound. Unfortunately, a good camera does not offer good quality sound. But, you have lots of good audio solution. There are lots of good quality microphones that you can use to record good audio.

Microphones come in wide range of pricing. You can buy it for as low as Rs. 1000 and as high as Rs. 1 Lakh. But I have considered the range that is affordable without compromising the quality. I didn’t select the high-cost microphones that can’t be afforded by masses.

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5 Best Microphones for YouTube videos

These are the best microphones you can buy to record high-quality audio. These are USB microphones that can be connected to your system to record voice-overs, music, instruments, and podcast. These mics are in the price range of Rs. 5000 – Rs. 15000. You can select one depending on your budget.

MicrophonePriceLinks to Buy
Blue YetiRs. 10,099Buy Here
Apogee MiC 96kRs. 14999Buy Here
Audio-Technica AT2035Rs. 14999Buy Here
MXL Mics 770Rs. 8299Buy Here
Blue SnowballRs. 6399Buy Here

1. Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti

If you just ask me the one best microphone, I will recommend Blue Yeti. It is cost effective USB microphone for recording high-quality audio. Blue Yeti comes with 16-Bit/48 kHz resolution audio recording. It offers four different polar patterns stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid or bi-directional. This microphone is perfect for vocals, podcasting, voiceovers, music and conference calls.

The design of this microphone is also very good and looks attractive. It also comes with a little stand that can also be folded. Blue Yeti allows easy positioning and transport. It is USB mic and supports Mac OS and Windows system. Just plug and play.

  • Four recording Mode,
  • Great sound quality
  • Bulky

Price: Rs. 10,099

Buy Here:

Amazon.in (Indian Buyers)

Amazon.com (Global Buyers)

2. Apogee MiC 96k

Apogee MiC 96k

Apogee MiC 96k is costlier than Blue Yeti, but it is another awesome microphone with decent sound recording experience. It connects with Windows, Mac or any other device with a 3.5mm and enables easy recording.

It is equipped with cardioid polar pattern. You have up to 96 kHz/24-bit HD recording.

  • Super clear sound Quality
  • Good build
  • Lack of mute button

Price: Rs. 14,999

Buy Here:

Amazon.in (Indian Buyers)

Amazon.com (Global Buyers)

3. Audio-Technica AT2035

Audio-Technica AT2035

Audio-Technica AT2035 is also a notable microphone for recording songs, voiceover, and podcast. It is one of the best brands for microphones and this is one of the most recommended cost effective microphones. It offers studio-like condenser mic feel. This mic ships with custom shock mount and a durable padded pouch.

It allows you to switch between the 80 Hz high-pass filter as well as the 10 dB pad. So, you have control over sound pressure levels.

  • Solid build
  • Clear sound quality
  • Nice features
  • Bass response overpowering for some vocalists

Price: Rs. 14,999

Buy Here:

Amazon.in (Indian Buyers)

Amazon.com (Global Buyers)

4. MXL Mics 770

MXL Mics 770

MXL Mics 770 is also a good microphone for recording high-quality audio. It is a multipurpose microphone for recording vocals, music and voice overs. It produces warm sound with high clarity. MX Mics 770 uses 22mm small diameter capsule in a three-layer mesh headbasket. It requires 48v Phantom power via preamp or audio interface.

  • Picks up a wide range of frequencies.
  • Good built quality
  • Good for rap vocals
  • Has some feedback issues at times.
  • Shock mount is average

Price: Rs. 8,299

Buy Here:

Amazon.in (Indian Buyers)

Amazon.com (Global Buyers)

5. Blue Snowball

Blue Snowball

Blue Snowball is the most affordable of all microphones in this lost. It is the most popular microphone from Blue. It is smaller and lacks few features, but best for those who have restricted low budget. This microphone is great for recording voice-overs and recording videos from the desk.

It comes with dual pattern recording options (cardioid and omnidirectional) and connects to the system over USB. It has dual capsule design and comes with a unique 3-pattern switch (cardioid, cardioid with -10dB pad, and omni).

  • Good quality
  • Easy to use
  • Distant subjects not very well resolved

Price: Rs. 6,399

Buy Here:

Amazon.in (Indian Buyers)

Amazon.com (Global Buyers)

Blue Microphones Snowball iCE the cheaper variant of this mic priced at Rs. 4399.

Final words

There are many other cheap microphones but you should not go with those. At least have a budget of around Rs. 5000. If you go with cheaper, you will never get good audio. Filtering noise with software always affects the quality. So, always have a microphone that captures less noise and natively record good quality audio. If you are into music, never compromise with microphone’s quality.

If you have any confusion, you can always comment below.