6 Best 360 Degree Cameras in India with Price | 2022

Best 360 degree Camera

Not everyone is fond of the 360-degree camera. But if you love photography and want to share the world near you with others or want to create some VR-friendly video then a 360-degree camera is a must-have gadget. 

The price range of 360 degree cameras carries from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 10000. It depends on the brands, quality, and specifications of the 360-degree video cameras that you want in it. The 360-degree camera price range is very vast. Only a few people who have great interest in photography invest in the good 360 degree camera. 

Here we made this list of the best 360-degree cameras to capture the world near you. Some of this works in real-time i.e. you can share the contents directly on any social media platform.

Why buy a 360 camera?

The 360-degree camera is a fun way of capturing interesting photos and videos. 360 cameras cannot replace the traditional camera but 360 photos and videos will be important a lot in several industries. 360 camera offers a more immersive way to see places.

Even if you have a 360-degree camera, capturing 360 photos or video is challenging. You cannot see 360 photos and videos normally. But Facebook and Flickr can now correctly display the images while YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook support 360 videos.

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Best 360-Degree Camera List

Here is the list of the best 360-degree cameras in India that you can buy to capture beautiful 360 videos and photos.

1. GoPro Max

Gopro 360 Degree Camera

If you want to shoot video and photos or immersive 360° footage in 6k, GoPro Max is the best 360-degree camera that you should buy. It is waterproof down to five meters without needing a case. It gives you solid stabilization by using 180° capture as the ultimate buffer and amazing 270° distortion-free panoramic photos without having to scan the horizon.

It has six mics that can capture true-to-life 360° audio and deliver the best stereo sound. You can easily control your GoPro camera with a touch screen and 13 voice commands such as GoPro, start recording or GoPro or take a photo.

The best thing about this 360 camera is that you can turn your 360-degree video into a traditional 2D film. The app’s OverCapture software lets you turn 360-degree video into a 2D film easily in Full HD.

Key Specs:

  • Immersive 360° video and photo footage.
  • Water-resistant: 16ft (5m)
  • 5.6K spherical video: Up to 30fps
  • 1440p 2D video: up to 60fps
  • Stills resolution: 16.6MP
  • Battery life: 108 minutes (1440p), 78 minutes (5.6K)
  • Stabilization by using 180° capture
  • 270° distortion-free panoramic photos
  • Six mics capture true-to-life 360° audio
  • Best stereo sound ever from a GoPro
  • Touch screen
  • 13 voice commands
  •  Good picture quality
  • Waterproof without needing a case
  • Multi-function capabilities
  • Battery backup is not enough
  • Poor in low light

Price: Rs.  51,560

Buy Now: Amazon

2. Insta360 ONE RS Twin Edition

The Insta360 One RS twin edition comes with 4K Boost Lens & 5.7K 360 Lens that are interchangeable. The camera has FlowState Stabilization for smooth video recording. It has 48MP Photo & 6K Widescreen Mode that capture best quality photos and ultra-detailed 6K widescreen video.

The best feature of this camera is that it makes the Selfie Stick Invisible in 360 degree videos. The Selfie Stick totally disappear from the shots. This 360 degree camera is better than its previous version in many ways.

Key Specs:

  • 5.7K panoramic video
  • Video: 4K 60fps wide-angle lens
  • FlowState anti-shake technology
  • 5 meters waterproof
  • Underwater Slow motion.
  • 360-degree panoramic
  • 3K at 100fps slow-motion shooting
  • Night scene mode
  • additional mic
  • 4K and 360º lens options
  • No selfie stick in 360 degree videos
  • 6K widescreen mode
  •  water resistance up to 16feet
  • Heating problem in continuous use for the long time
  • Hi-res files require desktop software

Price: Rs. 43,933

Buy Now: Amazon

3. Inta360 One X2

360 Degree Cameras

With Insta360 ONE X2, you can record 5.7K resolution 360-degree videos and 18MP of stunning 360-degree photos. It has FlowState Stabilization which helps in recording smooth videos without any shaking. It has features like Ultra Bright Screen, Time Shift, voice control, invisible selfie stick and optical zoom.

It has 50MB/s Cable Transfer and 5 GHz High-Speed WiFi Transfer. The TimeShift technology helps in cinematic slow-mo or speeds things up with a stabilized hyper-lapse. THis camera is waterproof up to 10meters.

Key Specs:

  • 5.7K resolution
  • 18MP shots with 50fps video mode
  • FlowState Stabilization
  • Ultra Bright Screen
  • Waterproof 10m
  • 4-Mic 360 Audio
  • Voice Control
  • Invisible Selfie Stick
  • Optical Zoom
  • WiFi Preview & Transfer
  • TimeShift
  • 1200mAh battery
  • 4K lens options
  • easy to carry
  • Heating problem in continuous use for the long time
  •  The lenses are vulnerable to the slightest touch

Price: Rs. 32,990

Buy Now: Amazon

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4. Ricoh Theta SC2

Ricoh 360 Degree Cameras

Ricoh Theta SC2 records natural 360° still images and videos with high resolution and highly precise image stitching. It records 4K 360-degree videos using the latest image stabilization technology. It has dual-lens exposure that independently controls the AE and AWB for the front and rear camera in scenes with extreme differences in contrast.

The night view mode in this camera allows you to shoot beautiful night scenes with low noise. You can also take beautiful portraits with the face detection function.

Overall, it is a decent beginner camera for 360 photos and videos.

Key Specs:

  • Records natural 360° still images and videos
  • 4K movie
  • Latest image stabilization technology
  • Dual lens exposure
  • Night view mode
  • Face detection function
  • High-speed data transfer
  • 4 elegant colors
  • Thin and lightweight body
  • Images are good and sharp
  • small and lightweight with solid built quality
  • battery life is good
  • Resolution Not Good as expected

Price: Rs. 22,999

Buy Now: Amazon

5. Kodak PIXPRO SP360 Action Cam

Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K Dual Pro Pack VR Camera

The Kodak PIXPRO SP360 VR Camera has a 12-megapixel sensor and can capture ultra high-def 4K video at 30 frames per second. It has two 235 Degree Ultra Wide lenses to record 360-degree video.

This 360 degree camera is YouTube and Facebook compatible. It can be control wirelessly with iOS and Android apps. The camera has PIXPRO 360 Stitch Software for Mac and PC.

Key Specs:

  • 12-megapixel sensor
  • 4K VR Video
  • Two 235 Degree Ultra Wide Lens
  • Control Wirelessly with iOS/Android Smart Device APP
  • Complimentary stitch and editing software
  • 4k resolution is good
  • remote control provided
  • easy handling
  • Not great for today’s standards
  • lacks in video stability

Price: Rs. 37,676

Buy Now: Amazon

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6. 360fly 360 HD Video Camera

best 360 degree video camera

The 360fly 4K captures 360-degree videos. It is a water-resistant and dust-resistant and shockproof 360-degree camera. It has 32GB of internal storage and a single button for power and recording. You can connect it to your mobile via an app. It makes editing and sharing very easy on YouTube and Facebook.

Virtual Reality Ready feature transforms footage to VR experiences by just clicking a button. This budget 360 degree camera is dustproof, shockproof, and water resistant to 1 ATM (33 feet).

It has 2+ hours of battery life which is sufficient enough to edit and share videos.

Key Spec:

  • Single-lens that capture 360° HD video.
  • 1504 x 1504 resolution
  • Water-resistant to 1 ATM,
  • dustproof,
  • shockproof
  • Magnetic Power Cradle, USB cable,
  • mic plug for water use
  • Internal 32 GB memory
  • up to 2+ hours of battery life
  • 4k resolution is good
  • remote control provided
  • easy handling
  • Not great for today’s standards
  • lacks in video stability

Price: Rs. 13,950

Buy Now: Amazon

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Final Words

So, this is the list of the best 360-degree cameras to buy online. You can use our list of Best 360 Cameras to pick one for you and buy any of them according to your features and your budget. All the 360 cameras listed here are good in their respective ways.

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