13 Best Websites to Sell Photos Online And Earn Money

Sell photos online

Photography is not just a hobby but now it is a full-time career. But a lot of people think that for making photography a career, one needs to have a studio and clients to work with. This is not true, you can keep capturing beautiful shots and sell your awesome photos to earn. Stock photographers earn a good amount of money just by selling their photos. Even if you have a full-time career, earning as a stock photographer will give you an additional source of earnings.

If you do not know where to sell photos, you are in the right place. In this article, I am listing the best waists to sell photos online. I am making a list of some reputable and good-paying websites to sell photos online. So, you can make good money out of your interest.

As a stock photographer, your earnings can vary depending on several factors such as the quality of your work and the demand for your photos. You also need to select the right stock photography platforms. Different platforms have different pricing tiers based on factors like image resolution, usage rights, and exclusivity. The demand for certain types of images can fluctuate over time. So, you need to stay updated on current trends and market demands to create content that is in demand. You also need to build a diverse and high-quality portfolio for attracting buyers.

Now that you know how to earn using stock photography platforms, lets have a look at the best sites to sell photos online.

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Sites to Sell photos online

1. Shutterstock

Shutterstock doesn’t need an introduction. It is also a good website to sell photos online. You just need to have a contributor account to start selling your photos. You still keep the copyright of your photos. Buyers purchase a subscription on Shutterstock to buy any photo. So, you cannot set pricing here. You will earn from $0.25 to $120 for custom images. So, your earnings depend on the number of downloads your photos get.

In the past 15 years, the company has paid out a billion dollars to photographers. The website has easy-to-use tools to list your photos and promote. This is a global marketplace used by publishers around the globe. So, you have a chance to get good sales.

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2. 500px

500px is also one of the popular websites to sell your photos online. You can upload your photos, set your pricing and earn. It lets you grow as a photographer, check how your photos are performing, and make a career out of your photography. You can make an account and then upload your high-quality photos using the photo manager of the website. Make sure you add relevant keywords to make your photos discoverable on your platform. Your photos will also be reviewed before they appear for other users to purchase.

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3. Getty Images

Getty Images is one of the best websites to sell photos online. You may have already seen a lot of photos with the Getty Images watermark. Getty Images hosts several hard-to-find exclusive images. So, publishers buy photos from there. If you have some exclusive beautiful photos web publishers may like to buy, you can upload your photos on Getty Images.

The process to sell on Getty Images is not easy. You cannot just upload and sell. The website first asks for a few samples. Their team will review your work before you get approval for selling photos online. Once approved, your content will be available online. You cannot sell your pricing here. You will be paid based on the downloads.

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4. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is also a beautiful website where you can sell your photos. You get a royalty of 33 percent for photos and get this money in your bank account after you have reached the threshold of $25. Adobe Stock is also integrated into Adobe’s apps. If you have really good photos, your photos will surely get the attention of creators and publishers. You can upload your photos from Adobe’s website, Adobe Lightroom CC, and Adobe Bridge CC. It has an automatic tagging system to make your life easier.

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5. SmugMug Pro

SmugMug Pro is one of the good websites where you can sell photos online. It lets you keep 85% of the earnings of your photos but they charge a monthly Pro subscription starting at $12.50 per month for being a contributor. They are basically your partner who keeps your photos online and takes care of the tech part. So, you do not need to invest in your own photo selling software. Your photos are always yours and they protect photos with custom watermarks and print marks.

On this platform, you can even use your own custom domain, create custom coupons, and print packages. So basically, you will be making your own dedicated photo selling website. In this way, you do not need to share a huge chunk with others just like the case with other photo-selling platforms.

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6. Alamy

Alamy is also a popular website that hosts millions of photos and videos for sale. This website offers 50 percent royalty to photographers on each photo sold. If you do not want to sell photos exclusively here and also sell from other platforms, then you will get a 40% commission. You just need a contributor account to sell your photos. Alamy also has a team of people who check each submitted photo before your photos appear for others to purchase. Do not forget to add captions, tags, and other details for more exposure.

This website claims to be the largest collection of picture agencies that works with hundreds of photographers and agencies. If you think you got good skills, you can sell your photos online using Alamy.

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7. iStock Photo

iStock Photo is the sister website of Getty Images and it is also one of the good websites for selling photos and earning money. Terms and conditions are the same as in Getty Images. The whole process is the same. In case you are already using Getty Images, I am sure you also know about iStock Photo and most probably you are selling your photos here.

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8. Canstockphoto

Canstockphoto is a stock photo website that lets people buy images. If you are a photographer, you can also make an account and start selling your photos. You will have first to submit an application with 3 sample images. Once your account is approved, you can start adding more photos. They have a submission process to review each submission before it goes live. You will earn a commission for each download. If you also refer a photographer, you will get $5 USD for every 50 photos they sell. So, you can not just earn from your photos but also from photos of other photographers if you prefer.

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9. Depositphotos

Depositphotos is also a stock photos website where you can register as a contributor and start selling your photos online. This website first asks you to pass a brief examination test to check if you are a good fit to be a contributor. After you have successfully passed, you will be able to upload photos to sell. All the submissions will also be checked by their team before they appear on the website.

There are different levels of contributors and you will earn a badge depending on the level you are at. Your royalties will increase as you jump to a better level. Royalty calculations are done based on the standard value of a file. A file is purchased via a subscription plan and you will be paid for each sale they make.

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10. 123rf.com

123rf.com is also a similar stock photo and video platform where one can buy stock photos and videos to use on websites and other projects. As a photographer, you can join this platform and upload your photos to earn money. You will earn between 30% – 60% commissions from each license sold. The website is present in more than 44 countries and in 17 local languages. Your content will appear in front of 5 million ready buyers. So using this website to sell photos and videos is also profitable.

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11. Dreamstime

Dreamstime is a popular stock photography website that allows photographers to sell their images to a large customer base. It offers a user-friendly platform for both photographers and buyers, making it an attractive option for photographers of all levels. With over 116 million images in its collection, Dreamstime provides a vast selection for potential buyers.

Dreamstime provides photographers with competitive royalties ranging from 25% to 60% of the sale price, depending on the exclusivity of the images and the number of sales achieved. They have a rigorous review process to ensure the quality of the images submitted. Additionally, photographers can participate in contests to showcase their work and earn additional exposure and rewards.

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12. EyeEm

EyeEm is a unique platform that combines stock photography marketplace features with a robust community of photographers. It allows photographers to sell their images photos the EyeEm Market while also offering social networking and photo-sharing aspects. This community-driven approach sets EyeEm apart from other stock photography platforms.

EyeEm has partnerships with notable brands and agencies, which increases the visibility and potential sales opportunities for photographers. They offer competitive royalty rates, starting at 50%, and provide valuable insights and statistics to help photographers understand their market and improve their sales potential.

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13. Crestock

Crestock is another stock photography website that enables photographers to sell their images to a global audience. It offers a straightforward submission process and a user-friendly interface. Crestock accepts both photos and vector illustrations, expanding the possibilities for photographers looking to sell their creative work.

Photographers on Crestock can earn royalties ranging from 20% to 40% based on the number of downloads their images receive. The platform focuses on high-quality content, ensuring that the submitted images meet their standards before they are made available for licensing.

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Final Words

There are several other stock photo websites where you can list and sell photos online. But I tried to make good and trusted websites to earn better and get more sales. You can use any of these websites and start selling your photos online to earn money. I have used Shutterstock and 500px personally for selling photos. If you are a photographer, you can use any of these websites to get an additional revenue source.

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