Difference Between Manufacturer Warranty and Seller Warranty

Difference Between Manufacturer Warranty vs Seller Warranty
Difference Between Manufacturer Warranty vs Seller Warranty


Online shopping in India is growing very fast. Now, we can buy most of the things online and get free delivery. But, there is a big thing for which most of the people buying gadgets online care about. This is a warranty. Many people have faced problems in getting warranty services for the products bought online. So people who care too much about the warranty and do not want to take the risk and ignore online shopping. If you are one of those, you can ignore warranty issues while shopping online just by knowing a few things. Products listed online generally come with warranty terms. In this post, I am going to explain the difference between Manufacturer Warranty vs Seller Warranty. Sellers clearly list products with warranty terms. If you check this before ordering a product, you can ignore most of the troubles.

Difference Between Manufacturer Warranty vs Seller Warranty

1. Manufacturer Warranty

If you are buying a product with a manufacturer’s warranty, you are safe. These products are genuine and you will get a proper receipt of purchase for claiming warranty. If there is any problem with the product, you can get it repaired at any of the authorized service centers of the device manufacturer. Generally, mobile phones come with 1 year of manufacturer warranty. So, you can buy a product with a manufacturer’s warranty without thinking any more.

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2. Seller Warranty or Deal Warranty

Seller warranty is risky for online shoppers. Seller warranty is provided by the respective seller. If there is any problem in the product, you will have to go to the seller for repairing or product replacement. If you are in Delhi and bought a product from the seller location in Chennai, you will have to go to Chennai for the repair of the product. You cannot go to authorized service centers to claim a warranty. These products are generally fake/duplicate Chinese products or products illegally imported. So buying these products means you are risking your money.

Frankly speaking, eBay, Flipkart Amazon, and a few other stores have listings with seller warranty. So, always check what kind of warranty has been mentioned in the product description. Next time when you are getting a good deal online, do not forget to check what kind of warranty the seller is offering. If the seller is offering a seller warranty, you should avoid going for that deal.


Manufacturer Warranty

Seller Warranty

  • Offered by Manufacturer
  • Can be availed at any authorized store of Manufacturer
  • Offered on the original product or official refurbished products
  • Offered by Seller
  • Can be availed only at Seller’s shop
  • Offered on local products or on seller refurbished products

Just give extra time in checking warranty terms and avoid troubles.

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