10 Best Wallpaper Apps for iPhone


If you are bored from seeing the same kind of photos on your iPhone background, you can try changing the wallpaper to something very interesting. There are lots of attractive and beautiful photos you can try on your iPhone’s background and see how it changes the way you see your phone. If you own an iPhone, there are lots of apps in App Store that lets you explore thousands of wallpapers and download one to try on your phone.

These wallpaper apps for iPhone offer high-quality images optimized to use as iPhone’s wallpaper. There are also few apps that offer Live Photos for offering a different kind of experience. Take a look at our list of best wallpaper apps for iPhone or you can say best iPhone backgrounds.

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Best wallpaper apps for iPhone

Below is the list of apps that offer best iPhone backgrounds. You can install any of these wallpaper apps for iPhone and make your iPhone look more attractive.

1. Vellum – Artistic Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Vellum Wallpaper app

Vellum is one of the most popular apps for downloading Wallpapers for iPhone. The way of presentation is awesome and it also allows you to preview how the wallpaper will look at Lock and Home screen before you download it. The app offers minimalist design.

You get 18 categories to look for iPhone backgrounds and each category offers 30-50 wallpapers. If you are looking for beautiful HD wallpapers for iPhone, you must check this app.

Download Vellum for free

2. WLPPR – High Res Images for Home and Lock screen


WLPPR is the ultimate wallpaper app for iOS that contains satellite images of our lovely planet. The app also includes the sources to confirm who is the owner of that photo. New images are updated weekly.

This app also offers preview and blur feature along with the option to bookmark wallpapers. This app does not offer any advertisement. The app earns by offering an in-app purchase for premium packs.

Download WLPPR for free ($3.99 in-app purchase)

3. Retina Walls – HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds

Retina Walls Wallpaper Apps for iPhone

Retina Walls is also a nice app to explore beautiful wallpapers and iPhone backgrounds. The wallpapers are neatly arranged. You can also bookmark similar iPhone wallpapers. You get wallpapers for all iPhone devices. There are lots of categories including Nature, Flower – plants, Abstract, Life and more to explore. This wallpaper app for iPhone is free but offers in-app purchase to remove ads.

Download Retina Walls for free ($2.99 in-app purchase)

4. Everpix – HD Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Everpix iPhone backgrounds apps

I personally like Everpix for their awesome photos. They have wallpapers in categories including animals, flowers, nature, space, animals, food, sports and more. The app is also very simple and user experience is great. They show ads, but it is not as irritating as it becomes on other apps. You still have the option to get ads-free experience by paying just $0.99.

Download Everpix for free ($0.99 in-app purchase)

5. Live Wallpapers for Me

Live Wallpapers for Me Wallpaper Apps for iPhone

If you are interested in Live wallpapers, this app is for you. I do not recommend the use of Live Wallpapers because it consumes more battery of your phone. In case you are still interested, you can try Live Wallpapers for Me app for iOS. It offers Live wallpapers in the categorized manner. If you do not want to see ads, you can start ads-free experience just from $2.99.

Download Live Wallpapers for Me for free ($2.99 in-app purchase)

6. Wallpapers HD

Wallpapers HD

Wallpapers HD will provide you the high definition wallpapers of any choice. Developers are really working all the day to provide more and more wallpapers. You can add them to your iOS devices and can get them a new look. You can even rate, view and save your favorite wallpapers. You can use filters to filter out the wallpapers based on your interest. It is for free of cost.


7. HD Wallpapers Stand:

HD Wallpapers

New version of HD Wallpapers stand gives you the good experience of wallpapers. It updates wallpapers for every hour. These wallpapers are perfect for iOS 6 and iOS7 devices. Search for wallpapers is also available. Latest update also has wallpapers for iOS 8. This is said to be one among the best wallpaper apps for iOS and it is for free of cost.


8. Zebra Wallpapers

Zebra Wallpapers

Zebra Wallpapers are with large sized HD wallpapers which are perfect for all iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and all. Calendars with different colors based on your mood can be added and you can use it as a memo to note some important points. One feature which made it in to the best wallpaper apps for iOS is random wallpaper is generated when you shake the device. It is for free of cost.


9. All-IN-1 Wallpapers box HD and Retina Backgrounds

All-IN-1 Wallpapers Box HD

All-IN-1 Wallpapers is with more than 11,000 HD Wallpapers. It provides you the option to share those wallpapers to Facebook and Twitter. You can even have preview on home screen and lock screen. Slideshows are shown and you can even swipe and zoom each wallpaper. This made it the best wallpaper apps for iOS devices and it is for free of cost.


10. Kappboom

Kappboom wallpaper app for iOS

Kappboom is not just a wallpaper app but also offers several other things. It shows cool facts, famous quotes, and drink recipes along with option to make collages and edit photos. The app brings more than 200,000 high definition wallpapers.


Final Words

Try these wallpaper apps for iPhone and let us know what app you liked most. There could be lot more other iPhone backgrounds apps where you can find good wallpaper for iPhone. If you like any other that should be on the list, do not forget to leave that in the comments below. I hope you liked the list of best wallpaper apps for iPhone.

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