10+ Best Video Calling Apps For Android

After the 4G revolution in India, cheap 4G data is now available to most people. 5G is coming with even faster data speed. This is the reason, video consumption and video calls are now popular. Video call is, of course, a better way to connect with people because you can see them and feel their expressions. Now when it is easier to have video calls, people prefer having video calls with friends, family, and colleagues. There are lots of video calling apps for Android that you can use to make video calls. You may have already been using one or a few. Almost all messaging apps have a video calling option. There are several video calling apps available in the Google Play Store. So, it may lead to confusion in selecting one. We are also listing a few best video calling apps for Android.

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Video Calling Apps For Android

Here is the list of the best video calling apps for Android. If you were looking for a good video calling or video chatting app, have a look at this list.

1. Google Meet

Google Duo

Previously, I added Google Duo as the best video calling app for Android. Now that Google is ready to merge Google Duo with Meet, I have changed this listing to Google Meet. Google Meet aims to be a single platform for both personal use and professional use. Meet is one of the best video calling apps for Android. Google launched it as a dedicated video calling app with a simple interface and straightforward options. It is easy to use and you just need to verify your number for creating an account. Its “Knock Knock” feature makes it notable as it shows a live preview of the caller before you receive the call.

If you call your friend who couldn’t receive your call, you can also leave a video message. So, you can still share the moments you wanted to share in the video calls even if your call was not picked.


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2. Skype


Skype is still one of the most popular calling apps that offer both voice and video call options. As the service is old, lots of people know about it and still use it actively. It offers good quality video calls. You can also make group video calls and even share video messages. Along with video calls, it also offers text messaging and voice calls. It is available on most platforms including desktop, which gives it extra points to be on the list. It is also available for PlayStation and major browsers as an extension.

Skype is still most popular among professionals who use it for video calls with their clients and company persons.


3. WhatsApp


WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app and also offers a video calling option. So, people now prefer it over other apps because they do not need to download a separate app for video calls. It also offers a good video calling experience. While the quality is not as good as in Duo or Skype, you can still have a good video conversation with friends.

WhatsApp not just allows text messaging and video calls, but you can also share photos, files, locations, contacts, and voice messages. Now the app is also working to add a payments service.


4. Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is the biggest social network where you are already connected to your friends. So, having video calls on Facebook Messenger makes sense. Not just normal video calls, it also offers several video filters to enhance the video calling experience. Not just one-to-one calls, but you can also have group video calls.

Along with video calls, there are also several other options including sharing files, and photos, sending locations and sharing live locations. You can also talk to businesses to check order status and get real-time customer service.


5. Snapchat


Snapchat is mainly popular among teens. The app is primarily used for sending and receiving Snaps. Users can also have text conversations with stickers and smileys. Snapchat also has audio and video calling features. So, you can have video calls with your friends added to Snapchat. Snapchat is really popular for disappearing snaps. Other apps also tried to copy the disappearing message and snap feature from Snapchat. But Snapchat is still attracting users with its unique user experience. I have also written Snapchat Emoji meanings to give you an idea of what snap emojis in front of friends’ name mean.


6. Signal


Signal is known as a private messenger for offering encrypted conversations. The app is available free for all users and claims to be a secure competitor of WhatsApp. Signal has the most features we enjoy on WhatsApp. After Meta was accused of using WhatsApp data for adverting, Signal became popular and several users ditched WhatsApp and joined Signal. Signal supports HD voice and video calls. I also use Signal and never had any issues with Signal. The app comes with a minimalistic design and is easy to use.


7. Zoom


Zoom is known as a good video conferencing app used by businesses. But other internet users can also use it for free to have good quality video calls with friends. The app has several options such as screen sharing, encryption, and live annotations to make it worth. Free users can have video calls of up to 40 minutes. If you want unrestricted access, you will have to join the Pro tier. Zoom supports up to 25 custom languages for interpretation. It also supports multi-language and translated captions. Zoom supports up to 25 custom languages for interpretation. It also supports multi-language and translated captions.


8. imo

Imo video calls

The imo is also a notable app for Android for video calls. It offers high-quality video calls over 2G, 3G, 4G*, or Wi-Fi. Along with one-to-one video calls, you can also enjoy group video calls. You can have a group video call of up to 6 people. It also lets you share photos and videos. There are hundreds of free stickers to use while conversation. It is free but shows ads to support the platform financially.


9. JusTalk


JusTalk is not so popular but good for making videos on Android. It also allows you to record your video calls directly from within the app. It also has a doodle feature that allows you to create doodles on your face, or anything else on the screen while you are on a video call. There are also options for Text messages, photo sharing, and video sharing.


10. Kik

Kik: Video calling app for Android

Kik is also a popular video chat app for Android. The app is primarily a texting app with a video chat option. Along with text and video chat, it also lets people share photos, videos, gifs, and more. One can either have one-to-one chat or make a group to talk word several people together. The app is really easy to use. You just need to pick a username and start using the app.


11. Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger

Viber is one of the popular and old messaging apps available for Android and other platforms. The app began as a video calling app but now it also offers video calling options. The app is free but you need to have an active internet connection for making calls. You can use the app for text conversations, video calls, and group chats. The app is also available for other desktop platforms, so your conversations will also be synced accordingly.


Final Words

All of these apps allow you to have good quality video calls along with other features. You can use any of these depending on how you are comfortable. WhatsApp is a must-have app, so you can use that and avoid installing any other app for video calls. But Duo and Skype are still better for video calls.

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