9 Best Temporary Email Services for privacy

Temporary Email Addresses: Disposable Email addresses
Temporary Email Addresses: Disposable Email addresses


Whenever we signup for a service using the email address, the service starts sending us promotional emails frequently. Many services even sell our email addresses and our inbox starts getting several junk, spam, or promotional emails on a daily basis. This is where temporary email services help. These temporary email services give us a temporary email address just for the email verification at the time of account creation. This email address will have a limited lifetime and will no longer be available after expiry. So, you can signup on for a service without revealing your primary email address. If you are not sure what temporary email service you can try, here is the list of best Temporary Email Services or disposable email address services. These services provide a temporary email address and help you protect and secure your privacy.

Best Temporary Email Services

Here is the list of best temporary email services where you get an email address to use temporarily. So, keep your primary inbox safe from junk and spam emails.

1. Emailondeck

Emailondeck: Temporary Email Service

Emailondeck is a free and fast service for a temporary email address. You get a disposable email address that won’t last long. The company has not made it clear when your temporary email address will expire. It could last for a few hours to a few days. As soon as your close your browser or clear cookies, you will lose access to your temporary email address.

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2. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is another best temporary email address provider where you can get a temporary email account. All the temporary email accounts created on Guerrilla Mail expires after 60 minutes and you won’t get access to this email address or emails again. As soon as you visit the website, you get a dis[posable temporary email. You can then use it for next 60 minutes. Another notable thing about Guerrilla Mail is that it is powered by an open-source protect Go-Guerrilla.

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3. Maildrop


Maildrop is also a good disposable email address provider. I personally like this service for its beautiful user interface. When you open the website, it asks you to select the temporary email address you want to create The inbox can hold at most 10 messages. Any inbox that doesn’t receive an email within 24 hours will be cleared automatically. Maildrop is open source and you can contribute to development if you are a developer.

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4. 10minutemail.com

10minutemail.com: temporary email address

As the name suggests, this temporary email address service gives you a temporary email address that automatically expires after 10 minutes. However, the service now gives you an option to extend the service for another 10-minute if you need it. As soon as you visit the website, it gives you an email address, and the timer starts.

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5. Mail Poof

Mail Poof: free temporary email address services

Mail Poof is another free temporary email address service where you get a temporary email address for 24 hours. This email address will expire after 24 hours. The system creates a random temporary email address but you can also generate your own if you want. The system lets you save or download emails you receive on your temporary email address. All these emails are saved locally on your browser and won’t be available after this email expires.

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6. Temp Mail

Temp Mail

Temp Mail is one of the best free temporary email services. As soon as you open this website, it gives you a free temporary email address. You can then use it to signup for different services. You also get the inbox where you receive emails. So, if you are looking for a Disposable email address, Temp mail can also be a good option.

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7. YOPmail


YOPmail is another popular temporary email service provider that generates a random email address for you. The inbox created by this service can keep messages up to a maximum period of 8 days. You can also remove any message anytime you want. Unlike other disposable or temporary email address providers, YOPmail email doesn’t expire. Just type the email name of your choice and start using it.

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Nada Temp Mail is also a similar temporary email service. As soon as you open this website, you get a temporary email and access to the inbox. If you need a temporary email, copy this and register to any website where you want. You get inbox access for up to 7 days. All emails will be available until you manually delete emails. This service promises anonymity and claims that it doesn’t collect any personal details. Nada Temp Mail is being offered by the creators of the AirMail service.

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9. Throw Away Mail

Throw Away Mail

Throw Away Mail is also an impressive temporary email service provider. You get an inbox that you can use for 48 hours. If you do not visit the mailbox within 48 hours, it will be deleted. Once you visit your inbox, its lifeline will be extended to another 48 hours. Just keep this page open and get access to all the emails sent to you. The company says that it cares for your privacy and your data is not being accessed.

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Why do you Temporary Email Services?

A Temporary Email Service is an email service that is created for a short time. After the time expires, you no longer get access to the email inbox. Temporary Email services have a limited lifetime.

It can be used just to create an account on a service and then verify the account using the link sent to your inbox. After the account verification, you don’t need the inbox again. Most of these services keep sending promotional emails to your registered email address. If you use a temporary email for a signup, you can save your primary email from SPAM marketing emails.