7 Best Software to Get Blue Light Filter on Windows and Mac PCs

Blue Light Filter for PC

The Blue light filter is now found on almost all smartphones. Smartphones are also now adding a dark mode to give your eyes extra comfort at the night. But what about PCs? Both Windows nor Mac PCs come with a blue light filter option, but you can also get it using the available software.

The blue light filter removes the blue light from the light emitted from the display to protect your eyes. Blue light exposure impacts health. Studies suggest that Blue light exposure may increase the risk of macular degeneration and can suppress the production of melatonin. So having the blue light filter is better for your sleep. I recommend people to start using the Blue light filter at night if they are doing regular work on the computer. If you work on photo and video editing software that requires you to see accurate colors, you shouldn’t use a Blue Light filter. But I also suggest you to do photo and video editing work during day time.

If you are looking to get a Blue light filter for PC, here is the list of the best Blue light filter software. This list includes Blue light filter software for Windows and Mac both.

Blue Light Filter for PC

1. Native options on Windows 10 and macOS

Windows 10 features a dedicated night Shift option. If you do not want to download any software to get a blue light filter, you can use this option. You can access this option by using the following path. Start > Settings > System > Display > Night light settings. Here, you can also schedule night light by specifying the time to automatically turn it on and off.

Windows 10 night Shift

Similarly, macOS also features Night Shift to enable the Blue light filter. You can enable it by clicking on the Apple menu System Preferences, then clicking Displays. Here move to the Night Shift tab and enable the option. You can read about it in detail at How to set up and use night Shift in macOS

Night Shift in macOS

Price: Free

Platform: Windows

2. Iris mini

Iris mini: Blue light filter for PC

Iris mini is free software to get the Blue light filter on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. The software comes with a minimal option. There is no UI as it adds an icon in the taskbar. You can reduce the color temperature without increasing the flicker rate. It has three modes including Automatic mode, manual mode, and Pause mode. When you do not want the Blue light filter on, just use the Paused mode.

Price: Free

Platform: Windows | Mac | Linux

Download Iris mini

3. SunsetScreen


SunsetScreen is another cool free software for getting a Blue light filter on your Windows PC. You can schedule the turn on and off of the Blue light filter. There are also options for selecting the sunset color, night preset, and brightness. It resides in the tray so it keeps out of your way. It also automatically loads at startup. So you don’t need to manually set up the Blue light filter.

Price: Free

Platform: Windows

Download SunsetScreen

4. F.lux

f.lux: Blue light filter for PC

The f.lux makes the color of the display warm at night and normal at the day to keep Blue lights away from you in the night. This software is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. You just need to tell f.lux what kind of light temperature you want and then it will do the same automatically on a daily basis.

Price: Free

Platform: Windows | Mac | Linux | Android | iOS

Download f.lux

5. Redshift

Redshift: Blue light filter for PC

Redshift is another similar software that can enable blue light filters at the night and keep the normal display in the daytime. In this way, it keeps you away from Blue light in the night to keep your eyes safe. This software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Price: Free

Platform: Windows | Mac | Linux

Download Redshift

6. LightBulb

LightBulb: Blue light filter for PC

LightBulb is a Windows-only software that reduces blue light emission from the display in night. In the day, it changes the color temperature to normal. It automatically pulls sunrise and sunset times from the internet and enables the blue light filter automatically. You can also set it manually.

Price: Free

Platform: Windows

Download LightBulb

7. CareUEyes

CareUEyes: Blue light filter for PC

CareUEyes is also a good blue light filter software that automatically makes the screen warmer to give your eyes comfort in the nighttime. It comes with several presets that adjust both color temperature and brightness at night. This software offers eye protection and relaxes your eyes.

Price: Free

Platform: Windows

Download CareUEyes

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