10 Best Selfie Apps for iOS

Best Selfie Apps iPhone
Best Selfie Apps iPhone


Selfie is the new trend. As per reports, most people capture more photos from the front camera than they capture from the rear camera. People like to capture selfies and share it on social media and expect appreciation from friends. Everyone wants to post a perfect selfie to get more likes. This is the reason, there are so many apps that let people capture better selfies and give the option to enhance the photos. Many selfie apps offer beauty mode to allow them to make changes in skin tone and shape to make photos look better. If you are not sure what selfie apps to use, in this post we are listing a few iOS apps which let you create perfect selfie. These apps offer photo editing and enhancement features to improve your photos before sharing on social media. Take a look at these apps.

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Best Selfie Apps for iPhone

1. Facetune

Facetune app

Facetune mobile app offers various makeup and retouching features. It lets you smooth your skin, whiten your teeth, widen your smile, remove pimples and blemishes, brighten dark circles, change eye color, apply makeup, add color to your lips, adjust focus, and much more. There are so many features that are hard to cover in the summary. This app mainly focuses on girls who want to make a perfect photo by modifying their faces. But boys can also use this app.

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2. Retrica


Retrica is a free camera app with powerful tools for taking selfies. You can personalize your photos add filters, stickers, and doodles to enhance your photos. There are over 100 camera effects to chose from. So, you will surely love capturing your selfies in different styles. You can also create selfie collages with a variety of shots from different angles. It also has GIF mode to transform a collage or a video into a GIF.

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3. BeautyPlus


BeautyPlus is one of the popular selfie camera app and boasts 800 million users. It comes with Auto-Beautification tool that uses AI to select best optimisation. You can also use different beautification tools to manually adjust skin tone and other things. There are more than 30 editing tools including Reshape, smoothening, Teeth Whitening, eyes editing and more. You can also use AR stickers.

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4. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is also a nice selfie app with auto-beautify to improve your selfies. The app hides skin problems and its eye enhancer enlarges and removes under-eye puffiness. The app even offers stickers, backgrounds, and frames to enhance selfies. This app even lengthens legs and slim bodies to make you taller and shorter. The app is free with in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $3.99,. The premium version costs $2.99 per month.

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5. AirBrush


AirBrush is also a similar app that comes with a variety of tools to enhance your selfies. You can smooth and firm skin, sculpt and reshape your face, extinguish acne, enlarge and brighten eyes, and more. There is also a Makeup palette with styles like Subtle, Modern, Smokey, Drama, and more. You also get effects like bokeh, vignette, and filters. In-app purchases range from $.99 to $2.99.

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6. Cymera


Cymera is also a nice selfie app that helps you in creating beautiful selfies. The app allows you to enlarge eyes, flashing a smile, and slimming your face. Skin corrections options including brightening, blemish concealers, and wrinkle wranglers. The app also comes with a body shaper to improve your body shape. There re lots of editing options and hundreds of hair and makeup items to use in the app.

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7. Camera360


Camera360 is also a classic selfie app for capturing better selfies from your iPhone. The app offers lots of image editing options including crop, sharpness, and temperature. You also get real-time beautification options including enlarges eyes, whitens teeth, plumps and color lips, slims noses and cheeks, hides blemishes, and more. You have slider based filters to give your photo a distinctive look.

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8. Perfect 365 (Free)

Perfect365 - One-Tap Makeover

This is another nice iOS app for retouching a photo in different ways. It comes with 20 powerful beauty tools. So, you can beautify your face in different ways. This app can automatically detect your face and other key points like eyes, nose etc. So, working with this app is easy. You can also share photos to various social media apps directly from the Perfect 365 app.

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9. Photo Wonder

Photo wonder

Photo wonder is also a good mobile app that comes with features like beautify, decorate, frames, and more. So, you can edit your selfie to make it prettier. It comes with various filters that you can use in real-time. it also lets you remove acne, whitening, polishing, enlarging eyes, and adding many more effects.

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10. Cream Cam

Cream Cam

Cream cam is a simple app with fewer features. If you do not want to get into too many options, you can try this simple app with few options. It has several filters to get a perfect and flawless complexion. You can instantly remove blemishes such as acne, dark spots, wrinkles, and even shininess.

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Final Words

Here are few selfie apps for iPhone. If you capture lots of selfies and use an iOS device, this list is for you. You can select any of the given selfie apps lists and start capturing beautiful selfies.

If you know any other good selfie, you can share it with us. I will try that app to see if that is worth trying.