7 Best Printer Apps For Android

printer apps for Android
printer apps for Android


Nowadays, the smartphone can do lots of things to make our daily tasks easier. From phone calls to emails, video calls, presentations, photos, and camera, it has so many things for us. Back in the days, you needed a PC to print to scan documents. With the increasing use of a smartphone, now you do not need a PC for these things anymore. Now you can also print directly from your phone if you have wireless, a network of Bluetooth printer. There are few printer apps for Android to make your printing work easier without compromising with quality.

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In this article, I am listing a few printing apps for Android. If you are looking for one, take a look on this list. We have tested several printer apps before making this list of best printer apps.

Best printer apps for Android

1. StarPrint


StarPrint is a free app to start with. It allows you to print via WI-Fi, Bluetooth of USB connection. It also offers a wide range of print media options. So, you can print most of the things.

The app is free but shows advertisement. The good thing is that the ads do not affect the printing or experience.

It claims to support more than 4000 printer models from most of the known brands. Before you try this app, do not forget to check if it supports your printer. Use this link: bit.ly/SupportPrinter and see if your printer is in the list.

Download StarPrint

2. PrintAway

Cloud Print plus

PrintAway (Formerly Cloud Print) is a simple but nice app that allows you to print using any Google Cloud-connected printer from anywhere in the world. You can also keep track of jobs, printers, and printers. All you have to do is to configure your PC to work with this service. Download Cloud Print app on your phone and start using this printing app. You can use this to print text messages, documents, emails, photos and more.

Download PrintAway

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3. Epson iPrint

epson iprint printer app

Epson has its new printer app for Wi-Fi enabled Epson printers. It allows users to print documents from your phone wirelessly. You can print web pages, photos, documents and other kinds of files. It also supports popular cloud storage services to print the document without downloading from there. You can also print stored files including documents and email attachment. You can also capture any document using your phone’s camera and print it.

Download Epson iPrint

4. HP All-in-One Printer Remote

HP All-in-One Printer Remote

HP All-in-One Printer Remote is the printer app for HP printers. If you have Wi-Fi-enabled HP printer, you can try this app to print your documents remotely. It works with most of the HP printers, but make sure you check if your printer is compatible.

Like the previous app, it also supports cloud storage services including Dropbox, Box, Evernote, and Google Drive. It also supports social media sites for printing.

Download HP all-in-one printer remote

5. Samsung Mobile Print

Samsung Mobile Print

Samsung Mobile Print is also a similar kind of app that allows you to print digital content from your Android phone. This app works with selected Samsung printers. It comes with easy to use interface and supports Automatic discovery of supported network devices. You can select multiple images, tap to crop or rotate.

It also allows you to print documents from cloud-based services like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Evernote. There is also a Secure release feature for corporate users.

Download Samsung Mobile Print

6. Mobile Print

Mobile Print

Mobile Print is also one of the best printer apps for Android. It is simple and easy to use app that lets you print anything direct from your smartphone. It can connect over Bluetooth and WiFi both. It even lets you print your call logs along with any other thing you want to print. It supports photos, documents, web pages, contacts, SMS, MMS or call longs for printing. It also supports printing from cloud storage.


7. Cloud Printer

Cloud Printer

Cloud Printer app allows you to connect your printer to Google cloud. It means your network connected printer will become Google Cloud Ready Printer. So, you can print any document from anywhere and from any platform. You can collect all printed pages later.


Final words

This was the list of best printer apps for Android devices. There are lots of other apps but there is no need to look for more when you can get your work done with these awesome apps.

These apps can discover compatible printers connected to the same Wi-Fi network but you may need to add it manually in a few cases. Then you can navigate to the document, web page, or photo that you want to print. After that give print command.

If you think I missed any good app that should be in the list, do not forget to notify us.