5 Best Online Linux Terminals

Online Linux terminal

If you want to practice Linux commands or want to test shell scripts, you can use Linux terminals. In case you are not using a Linux PC, you can use online Linux terminals for practicing Linux commands. Although you can install Linux inside Windows using Windows Subsystem for Linux to practice Linux commands, it is more convenient to use an online Linux terminal for quick practice. There are several good online Linux terminals where you can practice different Linux commands.

What is an online Linux terminal?

Online Linux terminal is a browser-based Linux emulator where you can use Linux terminal and run different Linux commands. As a beginner, it is not easy to set up a Linux environment on a Windows PC. So, you can use an online Linux terminal to test Linux commands and shell scripts. There are a lot of Linux terminals that you can use in a web browser.

If you are not sure what online Linux terminal to use, keep reading. In this article, I am putting a list of the best online Linux terminals you can try in your web browser.

1. JSLinux

JSLinux: Online Linux Terminal

JSLinux is a website that lets you run Linux or any other operating system on your browser. It is basically an online Linux emulator written entirely in JavaScript. You can either choose a console-based system or a GUI-based Linux system. The Linux runs the same way on the browser it runs on a PC. The tool also lets you upload or download files. You can also create an account and connect it. The overall performance of the Linux on the browser is good. So, you can try different Linux commands here to learn.

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2. Webminal


Webminal is also a good online Linux terminal for beginners to practice Linux commands. This tool runs as a virtual machine on remote server. You first need to set up a free account to use it and then you can access the online Linux terminal with root access from your browser. Along with learning Linux commands, you can also use this online Linux terminal to create bash files and practice different programming languages such as Python.

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3. Copy.sh


Copy.sh is also a good website to try an online Linux terminal to run Linux commands. The project is also available on Github and also supports other operating systems including Windows 98, FreeDOS, FreeBSD, and more. The project is also being actively maintained.

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4. Linux Containers

Linux Containers

Linux Containers is Canonical’s project. You get free access to an online Linux terminal for 30 minutes. You get 2 shared CPU cores, 512MB of dedicated memory, and 5GB of dedicated disk space. After reading terms of services, you can click the start button to run the Linux terminal for 30 minutes.

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JS/UNIX is a Linux terminal written in JavaScript. You just need to open it in a browser and do a guest login. Now you can start running and testing different Linux commands on this online Linux terminal.

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