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10 Best General Knowledge Apps for Android

General Knowledge Apps for Android
General Knowledge Apps for Android

The smartphone is now also used for learning purposes. We use it to access the internet, search for information, learn new things and take online classes. There are several language learning apps, dictionary apps, Maths Apps, and general knowledge apps to learn things. General knowledge apps help you in getting knowledge about current affairs and evaluate your knowledge. If you are preparing for any government exam or a campus interview where you will have to pass a current affairs and general knowledge test, you should start learning general knowledge from different sources. In this article, I am listing the best general knowledge apps for Android. These apps will help you learn new things. You can install one or more apps I added to this list and gain knowledge in your free time.

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General Knowledge Apps for Android

We have prepared a list of the best general knowledge apps for Android devices. You can use these apps to learn current affairs, improve your general knowledge and take quizzes to rate yourself.

1. World GK

General Knowledge - World GK App

World GK is also a good general knowledge app for students and professionals who want to learn new things or are preparing for competitive exams. The app brings current affairs from several categories including world, technology, science, and many more. The app covers a wide range of topics, so you get information about anything in this app. The app includes 15000 GK Questions and more are added on a regular basis. The app is also available in 25 different languages and helps you improve your general knowledge. If you regularly use this app, it will surely help you improve your GK skills.


2. Current Affairs

Current Affairs 2020: General Knowledge app

This app is one of the best to learn Current Affairs and general knowledge. If you are preparing for Bank, SSC, Railways, Civil Services, or MBA exams, this app is good. You get information in both Hindi and English. Along with HL and current affairs, the app also offers daily quizzes and daily news. You can bookmark important articles to lead later. The app is useful for several government exams.


3. GK Quiz General Knowledge App

GK Quiz General Knowledge App

This is another good and free general knowledge app for Android. The app aims to help people improve their general knowledge about the world and current affairs. This GK app comes with a good user interface and gets daily updates to add the latest information to benefit users. It also has GK questions to analyze your skills and rate you. You can also take online tests to improve your knowledge. It also has practice quiz questions to use in offline mode. The app has a wide range of quizzes across several categories. Overall, I recommend this GK app to everyone who wants a good general knowledge app.


4. Wikipedia

Wikipedia: General Knowledge app

Who doesn’t know about Wikipedia? Wikipedia is not exactly a general knowledge app but you can use this app to search for specific topics to learn more about them. The app is available in nearly 300 languages. The app brings the online encyclopedia to your phone and you get access to 40 million articles on the website. You can also save your favorite articles to read offline. Wikipedia has information about anything and everything. It also has thousands of contributors who always try to keep Wikipedia information up to date. So, you always get the latest information and data on any topic. This is the reason Wikipedia is one of the most popular apps people prefer to get general information about anything.


5. GK & Current Affairs

GK & Current Affairs: GK App

This is also a good app to learn general knowledge and current affairs. You can use this app for offline learning as well. The app loads new data once you get an internet connection. You get current affairs, GK tricks, Math Tricks, and General Knowledge from 29 Categories. This app also includes Exam Target Questions, All India Mock Test with Result Analysis, and NCERT Books & Solutions.


6. General Knowledge Quiz

General Knowledge Quiz

This is a quiz app for general knowledge about India and the world. The app helps you in learning new things to use during the competitive exam. The app contains 30+ streams of general knowledge questions. You can take the test freely to refresh your gk, attend Quiz in the form of an online test, or practice quiz questions in offline mode.


7. General Knowledge Trivia

General Knowledge Trivia: GK apps Android

General Knowledge Trivia is also one of the best General Knowledge apps for Android. The app comes with free Multiple choice questions for students to enhance their general knowledge of several categories. So, the app is helpful for competitive entrance examinations. It is helpful for those who are doing preparation for civil services exams, SSC or similar exams where they ask for general knowledge.


8. Aptitude Test and Preparation

Aptitude Test and Preparation

This is a good aptitude app with questions and solutions. You also get to learn short tricks to enhance your aptitude skills. The app has 600+ Questions and answers from 35+ categories. You also get a detailed solution for each question. There are daily online tests, Puzzles, Practice Tests, and more. You can bookmark questions and reasoning tricks to access later. The app is useful for those who are preparing for UPSC, IBPS Civil Service Aptitude Test, and similar exams.


9. General Knowledge

General Knowledge 2020

General Knowledge is also an amazing general knowledge app for learning purposes. You can use this app to increase your general knowledge on a daily basis. The app aims to serve students & professionals who are preparing for competitive exams. You can use this app to learn about animals, birds, politics, science, computer, books, and more. It has more than 15,000 World GK questions in various categories. The app also keeps updating its database.


10. Quora


Quora is basically a Q&A app where you can ask anything and get responses from people. This app is also one of the best to learn new things. There are millions of general knowledge-related questions asked by users and answered by scholars. People are active here and responses come within a few minutes. You can ask if you want to know about anything. You can also browse questions asked by other people and read the answers given by different quora users. The app has topics to follow. So, follow the topics you are interested in and then keep reading questions and answers.


Wrap Up

This was the list of best general knowledge apps. You can download one or more apps on your phone to improve your general knowledge. Not just reading but taking quizzes is also equally important. So, you should also install a good quiz app to evaluate you and learn new things. All these apps are good to learn new things. So, go and start learning.