7 Best Free Online Typing Test Websites

Online Typing Test

Typing test is a good way to know how fast and accurate you can type. Speed and accuracy both are really important. At the time when we do everything on the computer, it is really important to have a good typing speed. For improvement, measurement is also important. So, I recommend everyone to have a typing test and see what improvements need to be done. In the past, there used to be dedicated software to learn typing and test typing speed. Now, we do not need dedicated software when we can try online typing testing websites. There are several websites where you can have an online typing test and see how accurate and quick you are. After having a typing speed test, you can work on improving your typing speed and accuracy. If you are not sure what typing speed test website is good to try, this page is good for you. In this article, I am adding a list of the best typing speed test websites where you can learn how to improve your typing and measure your typing speed.

Online Typing Test Websites

Here is the list of the best free online typing test websites to take an online typing speed test and typing practice test. These are words per minute typing test websites where you learn your accuracy percentage and your typing speed on the words per minute scale.

1. Monkeytype

Monkeytype online typing test

Monkeytype is an interesting website that uses a different approach. Unlike other online typing test websites where you get a text to type, Monkeytype lets users directly look at the words and type in the same place. It offers typing tests focused on different things including time, words, punctuation, quotes, and numbers. This online typing test website supports over 40 languages. It also lets you select the test duration from 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 120 seconds.

After taking the online typing test, it will show words per minute, accuracy, character stat, test length, test type, and the global leaderboard. This online typing test also lets you customize the theme as per your interest.

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2. TypeTest.io

Typing Test Websites

TypeTest.io is also a good online typing speed test website with a minimal interface and easy to use functions. When you open the website, you can take an online typing test. It lets you select durations from 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, or more as per your need. After taking the test, you see the number of correct and incorrect characters typed. It also shows gross wpm and accuracy on the results page. There is also a daily leaderboard where you see how other users are performing.

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3. TypingTest.com

TypingTest.com: Online typing test

TypingTest.com is a really good website for online typing tests. The website comes with a good interface and is easy to navigate. When you open the website, it asks you to select the typing test by selecting one of the given options. You can select the typing test duration and typing test type. The test screen shows your current speed, errors you have made, and how much time you have left. Take a typing test and measure your typing abilities. Along with typing tests, the website also has typing courses. These typing courses help you improve your typing speed and accuracy by taking typing practice tests. If you are looking for a good website for fa ree online typing test, you should visit TypingTest.com.

This website also has tuning games for kids and adults where you can improve your typing by playing typing games. These typing test games are helpful for kids. They can learn finger positions and improve their reading and writing skills.

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4. Freetypinggame.net

Freetypinggame.net - Free Online Typing Test

Freetypinggame.net is a similar website where you can take free online typing tests to measure your typing speed and then work on to umpire your typing skills. The website offers free typing tests and free certificate tests. The free certificate tests also provide the certification to attach to your resume. The website also offers free typing lessons to teach you how to place your palms and what finger to use for a specific key. You can start with practice lessons and then take tests. After you get good results in the free practice test, you can move to free certificate tests.

This website also has several free typing games that help you learn typing and improve your typing speed. There are 11 typing games to play and learn. You can also customize typing games and tests as per your need.

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5. Key Hero’s Typing Test

Key Hero's Typing Test

This is also a good online typing test website to measure your typing test and improve your typing speed. You can take typing tests and see your score. If you register on the website, you can also keep track of progress. The website shows your speed and accuracy. In each test, you get a score. You can also check scores achieved by top players to see where you stand.

The test report also shows acceleration and deceleration so you know how characters slow down. You get color-coded errors and learn how many times you typed a letter too early. it also shows errors for bad cases and other mistakes. We know that practice is the key to improving typing skills. So, there are several free typing speed tests to try.

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6. 10FastFingers’ Free Typing Test

10FastFingers' Free Typing Test

This one is also a good website for typing tests and online typing practice. Like other websites, It also has several typing tests. Typing tests are of two types. The first one is the basic typing text where you practice on 200 words and the second one is advanced where you practice with 1000 words. You also have a practice test section to practice typing. The website lets you access most sections for free but you can register for an account to keep track of your progress.

One interesting thing about this website that makes it different from other online typing test websites is the multiplayer typing test where you play against other players to compete for your typing speed with your friend’s typing speed. You can also create your custom typing test as per your need.

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7. Speedtypingonline.com


Speedtypingonline.com also offers free online typing tests where you can check your typing speed and accuracy. You can take online typing tests to see your score. If you resider for a free account, you can track your progress. You select test selection, type of test, and test duration before starting the online typing test. Once you finish the test, you can share the results. You can also personalize your report with your name. The website also has several tutorials to learn how to type and type practice tests. It has live statistics to keep checking your typing speed and accuracy in real time.

There are also several typing games to make your typing faster. The website has basically two typing test games. The more time you spend on these games, the better you become. You can also compete with other people by joining a random typing game.

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Wrap Up

This was the list of free typing speed test websites where you can take online typing tests or typing speed tests. These websites let you learn typing, improve typing speed, and improve typing accuracy. These online typing test websites are easy to use and let you improve your typing skills. Some of these websites also let you create a free account and keep track of your typing speed progress.

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