5 Best Call Blocker Apps for iOS and Android

Call Blocker Apps
Call Blocker Apps


Looking to filter those annoying spam calls by companies or cut ties with a person by straight-up blocking them? We’ve got your back. Here are a few call blockers that will get your job done without any fuss. The call blocker apps are available on both Android and iOS, the links are provided below. So let’s get started.

Before I start listing these apps, I want to note that a few Android ROMs and iOS also offer native support to block the calls. In case those options are not working properly, you should try these apps and see how effectively it is blocking the calls. These call blocker apps also offer a lot of features and better management of blocked numbers.

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Best Call Blocker Apps

If you are looking for some good call blocker apps for Android or call blocker apps for iOS, here is a list of the best call blocker apps.

1. Truecaller:

TrueCaller: call blocker apps
Many of us are familiar with Truecaller or heard about it at least once. Truecaller is one of the most popular call blockers out there. Truecaller has over 100 million daily active users and has already closed more than 500 million downloads worldwide. Its spam list is community-based and automatically filters the spam. It also identifies unknown callers. It also doubles as a dialer, allowing you to make calls from the app. The signup process is super easy, all you gotta do is provide your phone number, verify it and you are done. Not just automatic spam call blocking, you can also make block calls from any custom number or contact.

Download here: Android iOS

2. Hiya – call blocker app

Hiya: call blocker apps
It is estimated that over 10.2 Billion Spam calls were made in 2016. Hiya is here to safeguard your smartphone experience from these fraudulent calls. Similar to Truecaller, Hiya lets you block unwanted and spam calls alongside identifying the names of the recent callers with their photos.

What we liked about Hiya is the fact that it comes with an SMS ID, which lets you identify unknown SMS texts. However, Note that the SMS text blocker feature is currently not supported for devices with Android 4.4 (KitKat) and higher.

Download here: AndroidiOS

3. Mr. Number:

Mr. Number: call blocker apps

Image Source: Barret Cox

Mr. Number has all the features like Call blocking, Call Identification, and Spam Filter like any other Call blocker out there, but what sets it apart is the fact that is probably the most flexible yet most powerful call blocker.

You read that right, Mr. Number lets you block calls from specific individual contacts or all calls from a particular area code. This app also lets you select how a call is blocked, you could either redirect and dump a caller into voicemail or just plainly block them.

Download here: AndroidiOS

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4. Should I Answer?

Should I Answer?

Should I Answer is also a number lookup service similar to Truecaller and Hiya. This app also tells you who is calling if the number is not saved on your phone. If the call is from a spammer, it will inform you and lets you block the spam call to save your time. It can automatically block hidden, foreign, or premium-rate numbers. You can also make a list of blocked or allowed numbers.

This app keeps a local database, so it also works offline. When you connect to Wi-FI, it will update its database.

Download here: AndroidiOS

5. Norton 360

Norton Mobile Security: Call blocking app

Norton 360 is an Antivirus app for both Android and iOS. Along with protecting your device from security threats, it also includes a call blocking feature. S0, you can make a list of blocked numbers to block the incoming calls from those numbers. The app offers safe search, lost protection, Wi-Fi Scanning, Antivirus, Ransomware protection, and more.

The app is available to download for free but you need a subscription to use it properly.

Download here: AndroidiOS

Final Words

The call blocker app is now a must-have app to prevent stalkers and spammers from contacting you. Even if the list of call blocker apps for Android and iOS is not big, these call-blocking apps will work well for you. TrueCaller is the most popular caller id and call blocking app, but other call blocker apps are also worth trying. Mr. Number is another notable call-blocking app. Try these apps and let us know what call blocker app you use in the comments below.