Stuffcool WC310 Qi Wireless charger review

Stuffcool WC310 Qi Wireless charger Review
Stuffcool WC310 Qi Wireless charger Review


Recently, Stuffcool launched an affordable Qi wireless charger in India. The company market it as a Made in India product. It is priced at just Rs. 849. Now when several smartphones and earbuds support wireless charging, demand for wireless chargers is going up. So, I decided to buy it and see if Stuffcool WC310 wireless charger worth the price. If you are thinking to buy it, check the Stuffcool WC310 review.

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The design of this wireless charger is simple. It is a round pad with a 10.1cm diameter and 0.64 cm thickness. It is made of plastic, so feels light in weight. It weighs just 150g. At the perimeter of the charging pad, it has an LED ring.  There’s a micro USB port to bring the charge to this wireless charger. There are four rubber feet at the bottom to prevent the charging pad from sliding around. Build quality is acceptable considering its price.

Stuffcool WC310 just comes with a USB cable. So, you need to be careful while selecting an adapter. It is because the wireless charging speed depends on the adapter you use. The company recommends using an 18W Quick Charge 3 Wall Adapter for best performance.

When the wireless charger is plugged in, the green LED ring lights up. Just put a phone at the center of this charging pad to charge. If the wireless charger is charging a device, the LED ring will show breathing Blue light.

It supports 3 power modes. First is the 5W and below to charge AirPods and other similar low-power devices. The 7.5W charging mode is to charge supporting iPhone models. 10W charging mode is for the flagship Android phone. It charges the phone even if the phone has a case on it. I tested the wireless charging to charge a range of devices including an iPhone 11 Pro, LG Velvet, Moto 360, and Samsung Buds. It charged iPhone 11 Pro from 0 to 60% in 90 minutes. We know iPhone 11 Pro supports 7.5W wireless charging. LG Velvet was charged just 40% in 90 minutes. So, the charging speed was good.

Stuffcool WC310 Qi Wireless charger Review

If you do not want to spend much on a wireless charger for your smartphone, the Stuffcool WC310 Qi Wireless charger can be a good option. I really liked this device. None of my phones support ultra-fast wireless charging speed like in several high-end Android phones, so the 10W wireless charger was a good pick for me. If your phone supports 10W or slower wireless charging, you can pick this one.

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Stuffcool WC310

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"If you do not want to spend much on a wireless charger for your smartphone, the Stuffcool WC310 Qi Wireless charger can be a good option."

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