Energizer Hard Case Universal 5.0-5.3 Tempered Glass Review

Energizer Hard Case Universal 5.0-5.3 Tempered Glass
Energizer Hard Case Universal 5.0-5.3 Tempered Glass

Smartphone’s screen is the most expensive part to repair. If somehow it is damaged, you will be charged around 70% of the phone’s cost for screen replacement. So, it is important to keep it protected. Use of Tempered Glass is a good way to keep the screen protected from scratches and accidental breakage. But it is equally important to use a good tempered glass. Recently I tested one from Energizer and here are my opinions about it.

I got Energizer’s Hardcase Universal glass. It is for smartphones with 5-inch to a 5.3-inch display. It is universal, so the company has kept a cut for the physical home button at the bottom side. If your phone doesn’t have any, you may find it bit odd like I felt.

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One good thing that I noticed was the option to test if this tempered glass fits on your phone. There is a plastic film with tempered glass marked on it. You can put it on your phone’s display to check if it fits your phone’s display without opening the package.

Tempered GlassBefore I start talking about this product, I will recommend you to read this article to know about tempered glass protector.

The company not just offers the glass protector but also the things you need to apply it on your phone. You get the tiny cloth sheet and cleaning wipe to clean the phone and remove dust particles before applying the tempered glass.


The tempered glass is pure glass made by Asahi, a popular glass manufacturer firm. If you don’t know, Asahi is the company behind Dragontrail glass, an alternative to Gorilla Glass. So, the quality of this glass is good. Thickness of

The thickness of this glass is 0.4 mm and it offers clear visibility.  The hardness rating of this glass is 9H to make it durable. This hardness rating refers to Mohs hardness scale that rates minerals in a range from 1 to 10. Regular glass is placed at 5. Higher the value, tougher the glass.

Being true, I didn’t have the hardness pick set to measure if it really marks 9 as it claims. So, I don’t want to comment on its rating but I tested the toughness by using the real world objects that we generally use.

I tested this Tempered glass on my Zenfone 3 with a screen size of 5.2-inch. It was easy to use and if you put it uniformly, it automatically detects the surface and avoids any bubble. See the photo of this tempered glass on my phone.

As you can see at sides, there is a thick line. That is due to the curves on display. So, tempered couldn’t  properly be glued to the surface. But it is fine on the flat surface.

After applying this tempered glass, I have been using my phone since past 7 days and never faced any issue. There is no difference in touch response or clarity. I tried testing the toughness with coins and keys because these are the things we carry in pocket with phone.

Final Words

Energizer’s tempered glass is pure Asahi glass rated to perform well in these conditions. So, it is good enough to protect your phone. Unlike other cheap tempered glasses, it doesn’t affect viewing experience while offering strong protection.

Very few people are aware of the fact that cheap Tempered Glass doesn’t offer good protection. You will surely feel the difference if you start using a good one.


Energizer Hard Case Universal 5.0-5.3 Tempered Glass

8.3 Score

"Energizer's tempered glass is pure Asahi glass rated to perform well in these conditions. It protects your phone's screen without affecting your experience."

The Good

  • Clearity
  • Anti-fingerprint coating
  • Tough glass

The Bad


  • Toughness 75%
  • Clearity 85%
  • Value for money 70%