Skin4gadgets Mobile Skin Review

Skin4Gadgets mobile skins
Skin4Gadgets mobile skins


Mobile Skins are the stickers to paste on mobile phone have some improved or personalized look. Many companies offer mobile skins in India. I ordered one from Skin4gadgets and used it on my iPhone 6 Plus. Not just mobile skin, they also send a paper with instruction on how to use mobile skin and apply on phone. If you are our regular reader, you could remember that we also did a giveaway with them back in Diwali, 2015.

Not just Mobile skins, they also offer back covers, laptop skins and personalized power banks. They are also looking to increase their portfolio to add more offerings in near future.

They offer mobile skins in different design. But main feature of them is their personalized offering. I ordered a personalized skin to see how they manage a new design. Because personalization is the main reason people order a mobile skin. Continue reading to know more about it.

Paper and Printing Quality

This is the main advantage of this mobile skin. In terms of paper quality and printing quality, it is good and satisfactory. When I applied it on phone, it took its place in perfect manner. It is up to you to use it properly and apply without getting bubbles. Paper and printing both are water resistant. If you place phone on wet surface, it wouldn’t affect the skin.

Skin4Gadgets mobile skins

Overall the quality of mobile skin is good.

If your phone is not listed, you can still ask them to get your a mobile skin or back cover. They are too co-operative and listen to every single query.

Click this link to claim your personalized mobile skin from Skin4gadgets


Now, they have also reduced the price and personalized skins are available for Rs. 599. Other designs are also available for cheap cost. You can also get available designs for as low as Rs. 299.


Where to buy:

Skin4Gadgets Mobile Skin

8.3 Score

"Skin4Gadgets offers good quality mobile skins. They offers mobile skin for most of the device available in market. Best thing is that they also offer personalized mobile skins."

The Good

  • Good paper and printing
  • Durability

The Bad


  • Quality 80%
  • Value for Money 70%
  • Durability 80%