MevoFit Slim + HR fitness band review

MevoFit SLIM + HR Review
MevoFit SLIM + HR Review


Back in December, MevoFit launched two fitness trackers exclusively for women. MevoFit Slim + HR was one of those fitness trackers. It costs Rs. 3490 and comes with lots of fitness tracking features. I have used MevoFit Drive and Mevofit Bold HR fitness bands in past. This new MevoFit Slim + HR offers similar features but comes with a slim design that suits women and adds few women-specific features.

Buy it from Amazon for Rs. 3190.

MevoFit Slim + HR is slim and has a heart rate sensor. This is why it has the name Slim + HR. It is slim and lightweight. Something that most of the women like. It comes in three different colors of straps and I have this black color variant. The strap of the band can be removed easily. The band properly locks itself around the wrist and doesn’t open automatically.

It has an OLED display on the top side that shows time and your daily stats including steps, distance, and calories. There is also a touch sensitive button to navigate through different options on the band. A single tap on this button changes option and long tap for selecting an option to see sub-options.

The fitness tracker is water resistant that makes it perfect for daily usage. Women don’t need to remove it even while doing regular work in the kitchen. The build quality of this band is really great and it can also survive accidental falls. It also looks stylish. So, I am impressed with its build quality and design.

The band counts your daily steps. If you have some fitness goal in mind, you can set a daily steps goal for yourself and try to achieve it. Based on steps, it also estimates how much distance you have covered. It also keeps track of calories you burn on daily basis. That is the most common thing people want to measure using fitness bands.

Steps, distance, and calories data can be checked on the fitness band for the day. If you want to access the data of past, you need to check it on the app.

It has a multi-sports mode to measure steps, calories, and timing of that sport. You can add any 4 sports from the app and then use the band to enter the mode before starting that sport to measure the calories data. Sports data can be accessed from the app.

It also measures sleep and gives you an idea of your light or deep sleep. You can use this data to see if you are getting quality sleep. If not, you need to take some necessary step to improve it.

This fitness band also measure your heart rate time to time throughout the day and shows the daily heart rate graph in the app.

The band shows notifications of calls, SMS and social media apps. You can turn on or off notifications from any selected app. When you receive calls, it displays the caller id or number. Notifications are always in time without any delay.

You can also set several kinds of reminders on the band and it will vibrate to notify you about your reminders.

In case you usually forget to drink water, you can set a reminder for that and it also records how much water you drink. There is also a sedentary alerts option. You can enable this option by setting the time interval and it will keep reminding you to move. I personally find these two features useful and I usually forget to drink water and my work is mostly sitting on the chair and writing.

The band can also be used as a shutter button for your phone’s camera but you need to use Mevofit app for that. It cannot control the camera app of your phone.

As this fitness band is for women, this band comes with Period & Ovulation Tracker option in the Mevofit app. It lets women track their periods and ovulation cycle. It will remind you in advance, so you are prepared for the time.

Period tracker

The battery life of the band is good and it lasts for around 8 days. You can limit notifications and reminders to further improve the battery life.

Final Words

MevoFit Slim + HR is really a beautiful fitness band with features you want in an entry level fitness band. It can track your steps, the distance you have covered, calories you burnt and displays notifications you receive on your phone. Heart rate sensor keeps a record your daily heart rates and shows you the proper graph. Female specific features make it a good fitness bands for women. Tracking features work well and reminders are always instant.

If you are interested, you can buy it from Amazon for Rs. 3190.


MevoFit Slim + HR

7.8 Score

"MevoFit Slim + HR is a good fitness tracker that tracks everything you want from a budget fitness tracker."

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  • Design and build 80%
  • Performance 75%
  • Features 75%
  • Battery Life` 70%
  • Value for money 70%