MevoFit Drive Review  : A Budget Fitness Tracker With Impressive Features

Mevofit Drive Review
Mevofit Drive Review


Mevofit is a known brand offering fitness trackers with an aim ton simplify the process to get healthy life. Recently, I started using their Mevofit Drive fitness tracker to test is features. Based on my experience, here is my review of Mevofit Drive.

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MevoFit Drive Review

The company has not just focused on activity tracking, but they also care about your fashion. So, they are proving straps in three different colors. So, you can use any of the straps depending on what you are wearing to match your clothes. Removing and installing a strap is really easy. The locking mechanism of straps is also fine and it doesn’t open automatically.

When the device is not attached to any strap, you see a USB male port at one side. Plug that in your laptop or power bank to charge it. It is handy and you can comfortably wear it throughout the day

It has an OLED display that shows time and your daily stats including steps, calories. It also displays caller id, notifications, and reminders. At the bottom side, it also has an LED notification light. But you need to enable that from the app.

The fitness tracker is water resistant, so you can use it daily while performing any kind of activity including swimming. It also has a good build and can easily survive accidental drops.

Build quality of this product is really good and I like the way the company offers colorful straps within the box, so you don’t need to spend on that separately.

Mevofit Drive Review

It can count your steps. So, you can make daily goals for your steps and try to achieve it. Start with 5000 steps a day and keep on increasing. You can follow any fitness routine and measure using it. The step counter works fine when you are walking but it overestimates the steps a bit when you are running but not much. I tested it by counting my steps during walks or running multiple times found same result.

Not just steps, it also counts the number of distance you have covered. But that will be shown only on the app, not on the band’s display.

It also counts your calorie burn depending on your daily activities. So, you know how much calories you have burnt for the day. You can also make a daily goal for this as well and try to achieve the goal.

It also tracks your sleep and gives you an overview of that. It shows the number of hours you slept with an hourly graph indicating light and hard sleep. The sleep mode works automatically and starts tracking your sleep as soon as you are on the bed. I am not sure about the accuracy of hard or light sleep but sleeping hours were accurate.

There are lots of other features that makes it impressive. For using all those features, you need to install a MevoFit app and pair your band with it. The app shows you the option to control different options and have access to your fitness data.

You can set an alarm on it. It lacks speaker so it vibrates. You can feel the vibration on your wrist for alarm or reminder you set.

MevoFit Drive

It also shows notifications of calls, SMS and social media apps. You can turn on or off for any of these notifications as per your interest. This option works well and notifications come without any time delay.

When you receive a call, it also shows you the caller id of the person calling. Same goes for messages and social media notifications. So, you can decide whether it is worth to look at phone or ignore.

It can also be used as a shutter button of your phone’s camera. So, you can capture shots remotely using this fitness band.

There is also a section to set reminders for water drinking. If you forget to drink water and want something to remind you, you can set it via app. You will get reminder time to time for this.

As a blogger, I spend most of my day sitting on the chair while reading something or writing a blog post. This band has a sedentary alert that notifies when you have been in a static position for a long duration. Set the time duration depending on your choice and start getting the notification.

Final Words

If you are looking for affordable fitness tracker with nice features, this one is for you. At just Rs. 2600, this one is good. It provides lots of features that makes it impressive. You can track sleep, set alarm, have reminders for water, movement, and notifications. It looks good and you get different straps for matching your fashion. This band reminds me to take water or have a movement after sitting for long. I personally find this useful for my daily life.

Buy Here: Amazon (Price: Rs. 2690)


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Mevofit Drive Review

8.3 Score

"Mevofit Drive is a good budget fitness tracker with lots of features for becoming your daily life companion."

The Good

  • Good design and build
  • Caller id and Notifications
  • Reminders
  • Good battery life
  • Good features

The Bad

  • Steps Counter


  • Design and Build 80%
  • Performance 70%
  • Features 85%
  • Battery 80%