How to Recover Deleted Photos from SD Card

how to recover deleted photos from SD card

If you have accidentally deleted your photos or videos from your SD card, I can feel for you. I also did once, but I knew how to get everything back. If you are not sure what to do, I will tell you the best way to recover deleted files from the sd card.

There are lots of data recovery software to recover deleted photos from the SD card. Before you do anything, I recommend you stop using the card. Do not copy any new files in it. If you move more data into it, the chances of recovering the whole data will not be 100%. So, first of all, stop using an SD card to recover deleted files from it.

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Now you need to put this SD card into your laptop and try any good data recovery software. In past, I listed best data recovery software. You can see that list to knowing all good data recovery software. I recommend you try Recuva first. It is not available for Mac. If you are on Mac, you should start with DiskDigger.

After you install Recuva, select the SD card from the drive drop-down and click on the Scan button. Depending on the number of files on your SD card, it will show you the list of deleted files.

Recover deleted files

In case, it doesn’t recover all files, you can perform the deep scan. It takes time but recovers most of the files it can. After the scan is finished, you can select all files and click on recover button.

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All the software works in a similar way. Few even allow you to upload the recovered files to a cloud storage service. If you want to keep your photos safe on Google Drive or Dropbox, you can do. This is the best solution to your problem of how to recover deleted photos from an SD card. You can recover any deleted files from an sd card by using this method.

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Final Words

Now you know how to recover deleted photos from SD card. You should always have good data recovery software in your system to avoid any data loss. You should also remember to stop using the drive you accidentally formatted or deleted files from. Doing this may overwrite your deleted files and the chance of recovery will be less. Do share your experience of using this method to recover deleted files from an sd card with us.

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