How to keep the laptop cool and prevent overheating

Laptop cooling
Laptop cooling

It’s the peak of summer and every gadget is facing a heating problem. Overheating is dangerous for gadgets. The heating problem first came to attention when laptops caught fire due to heat up in the year 2006. Overheating also affects the performance of the device and hurts processor performance. So we are here with some of our research on laptop cooling solutions that help in keeping your laptops cool. But before going further let’s have a brief view of the major reasons why laptops face the overheating problem.

Reasons why laptops face overheating problems

The first and most important issue is power. As the laptops have a more powerful processor, OS needs more power to perform the tasks. Therefore, more heat generates inside the laptop.

The second problem is assembling parts inside the laptop. As the laptop is small, electronic components are tightly adjusted. Since there are not many areas for escaping the heat. This results in the heating of the laptop.

If many applications are running simultaneously on the laptop, then laptops get heated up.  Same way if you are playing a heavy game that is taking lots of rams while running then also the heating problem arises.

There are fans, air vents, and a heat sink on the laptop for cooling it down, but they are not enough. So we need some external setup for cooling down laptops.

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Ways to keep the laptop cool and prevent overheating

Here are some good cooling options for laptops:

1. External Cooling fans

You can try external gadgets to give cooling to your laptop.

  • COOLING FANS: There are USB-Powered Portable fans that help in cooling down the laptop. These are cheap, convenient, and comfortable options.
  • CHILL MAT/PAD: There are different kinds of cooling pads or mats in the market which can be used for cooling the laptop. This is an insulating mat that manages heat. You can check these Cooling pads for your laptop.
  • LAPTOP STAND with the cooling option:  A stand is a flat surface with a small leg that helps the laptop to pass air easily and helps it to stay cool. This stand has an aluminum body that works as a heat sink. You can check Laptop’s Foldable Adjustable Height ZigZag Table with the cooling fan.
  • LAPTOP TABLE: The laptop table comes with a cooling option at the surface of the table that helps in decreasing the heat that emits from the laptop.

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If you don’t want to invest in cooling fans or cooling pads then also there is a way to minimize the heat. But this can reduce the heat and not help in cooling down your laptop completely.

2. Software: There is much software that helps in the diagnosis of your laptop’s fan and tells you about the working of the fan. This is one of the good ways to keep track of the inbuilt cooling fan. RealTemp is a temperature monitoring tool designed for all Intel single Core, Dual Core, Quad Core, and Core i7 processors. You can also try Speedfan.

3. Cleaning air vent: There is an exhaust area in the laptop from where the heat comes out and helps the laptop in cooling. After some period dust and debris block that area and stop the airflow. By cleaning the air vent, you can also avoid the extra heat in the laptop. You can either clean it by opening the laptop case or just use a small brush. Try to keep your room clean because a dirty place adds more dust to the airflow window of the laptop.

4. Avoid playing heavy games for a long time: Heavy games take large RAM in the system for running, and BIOS has to work more at that time. So try to avoid playing heavy games for a long time. This generates lots of heat and causes the overheating problem.

5. Shut Down the laptop regularly: If you are not working on a laptop for the long period then shut down the system or set it to Hibernate mode. This will help the BIOS to sleep for some time and make the laptop cool. I had the bad habit of keeping my laptop always on, and I also saw the bad effect of it. My laptop became too slow, and the performance of my Core i5 system seemed like I am using the dual-core system or slower. So, keep your laptop shut down if it is not in use.

6. Keep the laptop on a hard surface: Always keep your laptop on a hard surface, such as a desk or table. Using your laptop on a soft surface, such as a bed or couch, can block the air vents, causing the laptop to overheat.

7. Adjust power settings: Most laptops have power settings that allow you to adjust the performance level. Setting your laptop to a lower performance level can reduce the workload on your laptop and prevent it from overheating.

8. Avoid direct sunlight: Direct sunlight can heat up your laptop quickly, causing it to overheat. Always use your laptop in a shaded area or indoors.

Hope this article will help you and make your laptop cool during this deadly summer.