Veo is Google’s answer to Sora

Google Veo

At Google I/O, Google unveiled a generative video model called Veo. Leo can generate high-quality 1080p video clips by using text, image, or video prompts. Video clips can go beyond 60 seconds and may include a wide range of cinematic and visual styles

Google says that videos generated by Veo are consistent and coherent. The model also understands cinematic terms like timelapse or aerial shots to generate videos accordingly.

Another notable thing is the extend button. Clicking the button extends the generated video. Google is also exploring more options to refine the results and produce longer videos.

Veo can be seen as a direct competitor to OpenAI’s Sora and RunwayAI.

Google Veo will be available to select users later this year. Interested users can sign up for waiting list. But sign us are limited to certain regions.

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