Apex Legends is getting solo mode again

Apex Legends

Apex Legends added Solo Mode back in July 2019 with season 2. It was there only for a limited time as a part of the Iron Crown Collection Event. Several gamers wanted this mode to reappear but it never happened. Now the company is bringing Solo Mode back with Season 21. This time, it will be known as ‘Solos Takeover.’ The company has also made some changes to this new solo mode to make it even more interesting.

Solos Takeover will replace Duos in the season. Now players will have an option to queue for a solo-only game. Solos Takeover will feature pre-kitted weapons scattered across the floor. It allows gamers to quickly loot them.

You also get auto-healing along with other healing items including medkits and syringes. Auto-healing gets activated when you are out of combat.

If you are playing solo, your HUD will offer Battle Sense, a unique player detector, that becomes active when you have a player in a 50-meter range around you. It will alert you to become ready for action. Battle Sense doesn’t tell you the location of the enemy, so you will still have to be ready and find who is going to attack you.

The mode also gives you a second chance by using a respawn token. After the first death, you can respawn again without going back to the lobby. If you don’t use the respawn token by the end of the match, it will be converted into WVO Points.

Respawn confirmed that it had no plans to bring Solos back in the game, but we are getting it back. The company didn’t confirm why it decided to test the solo queue again. We can also not expect solo mode to be available permanently. But, we cannot say anything about the future.

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