Global PC shipment grew by 14.8% in 2021 led by Lenovo

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PC shipment grew in 2020 and the growth was even better in 2021. I already reported that Q3 2021 was the best ever quarter for India’s PC shipment with over 4.5 million desktop and laptop shipments. This growth continued even in the 4th quarter of 2021.

As per the recent report by IDC, Global PC shipment reached 92.7 million units during the fourth quarter of 2021. If I talk about the whole year, PC shipment reached 348.8 million units. This marks a growth of 14.8% as compared to 2020’s PC shipment. If compare it with historical data, the global PC shipment was highest in past 9 years.

Lenovo led PC shipment in 2021 with a 23.5 percent market share. HP and Dell were at 2nd and 3rd places with 21.2 percent and 17 percent market share respectively. Apple had an 8 percent market share while Acer was in 5th place with a 6.9 percent market share.

Global PC shipment 2021

If we compare these numbers with numbers of 2020, Dell and Apple managed a slight growth in 2021.

If we just look at the data of Q4, 2022, Asus made a surprise entry to secure 5th place with a 6.6 percent market share along with Acer. Asus managed 12.5% growth as compared to Q4, 2022. Lenovo HP, Dell, and Apple were at 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places. Asus has been focusing a lot on the PC segment and launched several innovative laptops in recent years. It feels good to see how well consumers are also responding to that.

Global PC shipment Q4, 2021

Apple isn’t doing great but it maintains its growth and manages to retain its customers. Lenovo and Dell still have a good market share, thanks to their business laptops and corporate partnerships.

Now when PC shipment is growing, all companies are now focusing on this segment. Gaming and Content creation have also influenced this growth. WFH also has an impact on PC shipment. In the coming months, PC shipment is expected to retain growth. Even if several people still use smartphones for content creation and gaming, they upgrade to a laptop after reaching to a certain level.