25 Most Common Passwords Of 2021


Popular password manager service NordPass has released a list of the top 200 most common passwords used by internet users. This list can also be seen as the year’s worst password list. If you look at the list, nothing has changed. 123456 is still leading the list of most common passwords. Not sure when people will start using a better password than this.

People go with common passwords like these in this list because they can easily remember these passwords. But having a weak password also makes their account vulnerable to hacking. NordPass also listed the time needed to crack these passwords. You can see that 24 out of 25 most common passwords can be crashed in less than 1 second.

Here is the list of the 25 most common passwords shared by NordPass.

RankPassowrdTime to crackCount
1123456< 1 second103,170,552
2123456789< 1 second46,027,530
312345< 1 second32,955,431
4qwerty< 1 second22,317,280
5password< 1 second20,958,297
612345678< 1 second14,745,771
7111111< 1 second13,354,149
8123123< 1 second10,244,398
91234567890< 1 second9,646,621
101234567< 1 second9,396,813
11qwerty123< 1 second8,933,334
12000000< 1 second8,377,094
131q2w3e< 1 second8,204,700
14aa123456782 seconds8,098,805
15abc123< 1 second7,184,645
16password1< 1 second5,771,586
171234< 1 second5,544,971
18qwertyuiop< 1 second5,197,596
19123321< 1 second5,168,171
20password123< 1 second4,681,010
211q2w3e4r5t< 1 second4,624,323
22iloveyou< 1 second4,387,925
23654321< 1 second4,384,762
24666666< 1 second4,329,996
25987654321< 1 second4,239,959

The company has made this list after evaluating a 4TB database with a team of independent researchers. The company has also given an option to filter this list by country. So, you can find out the most common passwords of a country. Here are the top 10 most common passwords used by Indian people.

  1. password
  2. 12345
  3. 123456
  4. 123456789
  5. 12345678
  6. india123
  7. 1234567890
  8. 1234567
  9. qwerty
  10. abc123

If you find it hard to remember strong passwords, you need to use a good password manager in place of choosing easy-to-crack passwords. Most good password managers also offer a strong password generator. Use the links given below to get a good password manager.