How the Internet of Things Can Make a home safe?

Internet of things
Internet of things


Burglary and theft are a common threat these days, so it’s only natural that you would want to protect your property and belongings. Alarms are a great way to do it, especially because the latest technological advances have turned them into much more than simple unwanted visitor detectors. That’s where IoT (Internet of Things) comes in.

You might ask what is IoT exactly?  Let’s say it’s a myriad of physical objects connected to the internet that exchanges data with or other devices.

We live in a “smart” world, so it is no surprise that we should strive to make our homes safe and smart with the best home security systems. These days, the term “smart home” refers to the numerous smart devices connected to the internet. Everything revolves around smart-based home appliances that include sensors – smart TV, gaming consoles, thermostats, smartphones, air conditioning, smart cars, various other smart software, etc.

What’s so great about Internet of Things?

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Internet of Things is so great because it allows you to secure your home from various potential threats. There are numerous advantages in using IoT security systems, the largest one of all is definitely their flexibility.Here are some of the reasons why you should choose to install IoT at your very own place:

  • Improved and maximized security by far
  • You can control your devices via an app or even by a voice command
  • You get improved monitoring across the multiple layers of the network, so it minimizes human effort completely
  • Everything works automatically
  •  A lot of home smart gadgets are compatible with one another
  • Connected devices can also create a comfortable atmosphere, and it can produce adaptive lighting, sound, and temperature
  • Most importantly, it saves you time and energy

Some people may have reservations about letting computers take care of their safety and believe they may be prone to hacker attacks. It’s quite the opposite – modern home security systems are exceptionally well protected from cyber-attacks, and most of the failures occur because homeowners don’t follow the basic safety guidelines. 

Tips on how IoT can make your home safer

As much as there is the risk of potential cyber threats, there are numerous great safety solutions. Here are some things you can do to prevent cyberattackers from invading your home safety and privacy by using IoT:

  • Strengthen your password – Use stronger and more complicated passwords.
  • Give a name to a router – Avoid using a manufactured name as it will identify the model that can become an easy target. Keep in mind that it should not have any correlations to you or your home address in the name. Give to it some unique and unusual name that is hard to guess.
  • Check privacy and security settings – Your IoT device might come with some default privacy and security settings that you’ll need to change. In reality, they are of no use to you.
  • Disable unnecessary features – Everything that you don’t use and that runs by default should be disabled.
  • Your software should always be up-to-date – Whenever there is a chance to update your device, you should do so. If your IoT device sends you an update, make sure to install it right away.
  •  Use a VPN – VPN or Virtual Private Network allows you to use your internet network safely. It encrypts your data, secures internet connection, and protects your privacy. If you install a VPN like ExpressVPN, you will ensure the safety of your IoT devices.
  • Protect your computer and mobile devices – There are potential threats everywhere like viruses, ransomware, malware, spyware, and so on. The best way to protect yourself is by installing some security software that can keep your data safe.

Healthy home is a safe home

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There are also great numerous benefits of IoT that can improve your home safety and a healthier environment. IoT sensors can track air quality and make sure that the air in your home or office space  is clean at all times.

The sensors can also track health-damaging mold from the walls and the ceiling, and alert the owner at the right moment before it reaches a harmful level.


Internet of Things is a two-edged sword, and that is a fact. But like any tool, it all depends on the way we use it. If you play it smart and follow the basic guidelines, you will see that this fantastic technology improves your life.