Logitech and Herman Miller launch a gaming chair

Embody gaming chair
Embody gaming chair

Gamers who spend hours in front of PC playing games are recommended to have a good gaming chair to avoid back pain. Not just gamers, people who are into coding, digital marketing, or any other work that requires sitting at once place for hours must understand the importance of good chair.

Herman Miller is one of the popular names that sell comfortable, beautiful, and premium office chairs. The company has partnered with Logitech to launch Embody gaming chair.

According to the companies, the chair was designed with help from 30 physicians. The primary focus while making this chair was on good posture. There are over small supports around the chair and these let blood flow easily to those regions that usually get pressed on in most chairs. You won’t feel fatigued even after sitting on it for hours.

You can adjust the angle of the back support and control how much recline you have. The armrests can also be raised, lowered, or moved from side to side.

Embody gaming chair is made up of 42% recycled materials and is up to 95% recyclable.

The chair launched in collaboration costs $1500 and boasts lots of benefits. It also comes with a 12-year warranty.

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