Civilization 6 is free on the Epic Games Store until May 26

Civilization 6
Civilization 6

After last week’s grand giveaway of Grand Theft Auto 5, Epic Games Store Jhas announced another freebie of this week. Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 is available for free on Epic Games Store until 11 a.m. EDT on May 28.

Civilization 6 was released back ion October 2016 for Windows and Mac platforms. Later, it was released for iOS in 2017, for Nintendo Switch in 2018 and for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2019

Civilization VI is a strategy game where you will be making and expanding your empire across the map, competing against history’s greatest leaders, and more. You will lead your civilization from the Stone Age to the Information Age.

Not just the game, the Platinum Edition Upgrade is also on sale at 50% off. This pack includes almost all of the DLC and add-ons released for the game in the past four years.

The game is available until May 28, so you have to pick your free copy of the game before that. The upgrade pack of the game is on sale until June 11.