JBL’s upcoming new solar-powered headphone to offer virtually unlimited playtime

JBL Reflect Eternal headphones
JBL Reflect Eternal headphones

In an interesting move, JBL has started crowdfunding a new pair of headphones with Self-Charging tech. Now the Crowdfunding listing is live on IndieGoGo and can be pre-ordered by paying $99. It is expected to ship in October 2020.

The company calls this headphone JBL Reflect Eternal. It is a wireless headphone powered by next-generation green tech. It uses Exeger’s groundbreaking light charging material at the headband that transforms natural and artificial light into free, sustainable energy to charge the headphone.

JBL claims that wearing this headphone for around 2.5 hours a day outside is enough to give you virtually unlimited playtime. It even charges from indoors lighting but it will be slower than the charging in sunlight.

What if you don’t go outside and the headphone didn’t get much light to charge from green tech? It will still give you around 24 hours of music playback. But you need to note that it also uses artificial light to charge. It also supports USB Speed Charge in case you need it. Just 15 minutes of charging can get you 2 hours of additional playtime.

JBL has made this lightweight headphone with uncompromising sound. So, the focus was not just on offering the green tech charging. The music experience will also be good. There’s also a mic for hands-free calling. Ambient Aware & TalkThru Technology will improve user experience.

This is still a prototype. So final product design may differ from the photos the company has posted so far.