4 Features to Look for in an Advanced Vehicle Tracker

Vehicle Trackers
Vehicle Trackers


India has a high rate of accidents happening at every nook and corner. This makes equipping your vehicle with a tracking device an essential accessory to secure safety on the road.  According to the sources, the unlikely chances of mishaps and accidents happening on the streets have increased in the last decade.  To match with the ever-growing world, having a vehicle tracker is critical. 

Whether it is for commercial or personal use, there is a wide range of vehicle trackers available in the market. However, there are thousands of trackers available, making it difficult to choose the best one. Let’s take a glance at some essential features to look for when you are investing in an advanced vehicle tracker

1: Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is the most common yet critical feature of a car security device that provides accurate details of your vehicle’s location. You can monitor the movement, including the current state of the vehicle- whether it’s on the move, parked, or standing idle in a secluded area. 

With this feature, you can guarantee the safety of your family and loved ones. There are advanced vehicle trackers in the market that also monitors the cabin temperature, noise level, accelerometer impressions when the vehicle is moving or parked. Moreover, it allows playback of the route traveled along with useful driving statistics. 

2: Dual Camera

A mere vehicle tracking device is only efficient in tracking the whereabouts of the vehicle. You should instead invest in a vehicle tracker that has an in-built camera feature. It is designed to capture the sound and picture of any activity that takes place inside or outside the vehicle. The dual camera makes automatic recording and uploads it on the cloud. There are devices that let you access these videos from anywhere and watch the live streaming on your smartphone. It also captures memoirs of trips that can be downloaded and shared with family members in addition to fulfilling the security goals.

3: Geo-Fencing 

Geo-fencing is one such feature that takes a vehicle tracking device to the next level of alert customization. You can establish geographical boundaries called Geofences on the map around a landmark. Each time your motor vehicle enters or exits the Geofence created, an alert is sent to your smartphone. This opens up immense possibilities for the use of monitoring information in various ways that can turn into improved operational efficiency, workforce optimization, and increased safety levels.

4: 2-Way Communication

There are reliable tracking devices in the market with cool features like a two-way calling system that can help during various circumstances. In this feature, there is an in-built mic that lets you talk back and forth with the driver or your family members efficiently.

As we are aware, no matter how attentive we are towards taking care of our vehicle, a car breakdown can happen anytime. It can occur when your child is commuting with a chauffeur, or your spouse is driving alone. By having a vehicle tracker with a 2-way calling system installed in your car, you will always be in touch with your loved ones, and you can provide assistance easily. 

In the present time and age, a vehicle tracker has become a necessity. Additionally, not just location, they offer many more features to help you improve the safety of your family members. With the sheer number of vehicle tracking systems in the market, there is no better time to take action than right now. 

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