Huawei is reportedly working on a Google Maps rival


Not just an operating system, Huawei is also working on another project to take on Google. According to a report published on China Daily, Huawei is developing its own “mapping service.”

Report further claims that this mapping service is not for normal consumers but for developers who would like to integrate maps and navigation into their applications. For example, ride-hailing services who need maps and navigation could use Huawei’s mapping service in place of Google Maps.

Huawei’s mapping service is called Map Kit and it will offer developers a street navigation system and will also show real-time traffic conditions. It will also support augmented-reality mapping, that could be similar to Google’s recently launched AR walking directions.

China Daily further claims that Huawei will also parent with Yandex, The Russian search company that has its own maps and mapping services API. The company will also partner with Booking Holdings to use Map Kit in place of Google maps forts online travel services.

Launching a mapping service isn’t easy. Only Google got success it and it also invested a lot since the original launch back in 2005. Google also bought Waze that further improved its mapping service. Nokia tried Here maps but later sold it to German car companies. Apple also launched its own maps but it has been trying hard to make it relevant since 2012.

Huawei’s new services came into light after the recent trade restriction by the US government. To be in the market, it should reduce reliance on US-made tech. That’s the reason the company recently launched HarmonyOS. Even if it aims IoT devices, it could be used in phones in case Huawei loses access to Android.

The report also claims that the Map Kit will be unveiled in October. It will cover 150 different countries and regions.

Source: China Daily


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