Huawei Unveils ‘Harmony OS’

Harmony OS
Harmony OS

Huawei’s long-rumored operating system Harmony OS has been officially announced at Huawei Developer Conference. This is an alternative to Android and the company claims that this operating system is faster and safer than Android.

Huawei says that the software aims IoT products such as wearables, smart speakers and smart displays. It is also compatible with smartphones, but Huawei will continue to support Android. In case the company loses access to Android, it can deploy HarmonyOS at any time.

Harmony OS is a microkernel-based distributed operating system similar to Google’s upcoming Fuchsia OS. The company will also make an SDK available for developers to create apps across all supported devices. This OS will also support Android apps.

HarmonyOS offers performance boosts. It features a Deterministic Latency Engine” that can better allocate system resources using real-time analysis and forecasting. Huawei claims that HarmonyOS’ IPC performance is five times that of Google’s Fuchsia,

Harmony OS is open-source software and the company has plans to release the Harmony source code soon.


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